Brian Moore: Musings from a Lifelong Outsider

Poverty, perennial wars, lack of a national health system, unem-ployment, low wages, crime, an authoritative and unjust penal system, violence and inequali-ty are the results of a faulty economic and corrupt political system in America!  


The two major political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, as well as our economic system, capitalism,  I contend, are responsible for this sad and  cataclysmic  state of affairs.


The two major political parties's dependence on corporate and special interest money has corrupted democracy and the nation's moral compass. 

The title of my website:  "TwoPartyTyranny" implies that both major political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, have seized power illegally, through unfair ballot access and petitioning rules and timelines, gerrymandering, partisan redistricting, and impossible signature collection numbers requirements.  


New parties and independent or third party candidates also face overwhelming ballot qualifying requirements imposed by local and state governments run by either of the two major parties.


Furthermore, gerrymandering and redistricting under the control of the two major parties; plus, the magnitude of the corporate and special interest money contributed to the Democrats and the Republicans, also creates an impossible and unequal playing field.


The role of the press and media in supporting the status quo, also enables a two-party oligarchy where a small group governs an entire state or country.

This condition of tyranny in America is oppressive, cruel, despotic, authoritarian and an unjust use and abuse of power.

I will highlight in daily blogs, and weekly podcasts (some times with guests), where the problems lie; and recommend short and long-term solutions, both domestically and globally.

It is my hope that this effort can be a self sustaining one through one-time or regular donations and contributions from readers of this website and blog.  

I hope to increase the use of podcasts, as well as to complete the writing of a book, in the next twelve months, on my self-made adventurous life and political experiences, from the 1960's to the present.  


Your financial support, no matter how small it is, will enable me to dedicate the majority of my time and efforts to promote such causes described above.  


Donate box is at bottom of this page.  Thanking you in advance.    


Brian P. Moore


[Greater Tampa Bay Metro area]





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