The United States Congress and President Trump should immediately join forces with the United Nations in calling for an international conference among the nine countries possessing nuclear weapons, along with major leaders of non-nuclear countries like Germany, Japan and Australia, to sign a global denuclearization agreement in the next 12 months.

The nine countries possessing 16,300 nuclear arms or warheads are the United States (7,300), Russian Federation (8,000), France (300), China (250), United Kingdom (225), India (120), Pakistan (130), Israel (80) and North Korea (probably 10 now).

The global agreement should also chronicle a three-year phase out for the countries' denuclearization actions including the destruction of all nuclear weapons and launching sites and launch pads in all countries with nuclear weapons. This would also be aplicable to all countries who have the ability to launch nuclear warheads from submarines, airplanes, ships, and other types of vehicles located in various parts of the world that are away from one's home country.

This type of worldwide radical action is necessary in order to immediately insure the elimination of a global nuclear threat; while simultaneously assuring North Korea's insurance of its regime's survival, which appears to be the major impetus that is motivating North Korea's nuclear threats.

Furthermore, North Korea's rogue and reckless actions, in the face of past and present inconsequential American, Chinese and international sanctions, agreements and pressure, would no longer be necessary. North Korea has acted in such an independent, uncooperative and rebellious position for the last 50 or 60 years because it saw no other way out to protect its governing regime from countries with nuclear threat capabilities.

For the United States (i.e. President Trump) to conduct a preemptive covert assassination or military strike, would be the height of irresponsibility and foolhardiness due to the catastrophic consequences that would occur on both sides. It would be a no-win situation. Millions of people would die needlessly.

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