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Robert E. Lee Statue: Voted on by Hillsborough County Commissioners to be Removed from Tampa Courthouse, Aug. 2017.

"Self-interested motives"

This article ["Statue goal: Done deal," Aug. 18, 2017, Tampa Bay Times, says "the community quickly rallied in raising the necessary money by the afternoon."

According to my math, $122,000, or 89 percent of the money, came from the business community (Chamber of Commerce), athletic teams (Storm, Bucs, Rays and Lightning), and local politicians (Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn). One has to suspect that their combined motivations were either for financial gain, political popularity or promoting their image with the community.

Only Tony Dungy's $5,000 and smaller contributions made up the $18,000 difference with no apparent self interests involved.

The individuals in the community calling for the monument transfers have traditionally been at odds with the business community and political leaders over the issues of diversity in the workplace, minimum wage, equal treatment under the law and political issues of jobs, health care and housing, to name a few.

My, what a chunk of money can do to change the protesters' tone. The heavy contributors have always bought out legislators for their own self-interests, now they are buying morality under the guise of taking such noble action on the volatile issues of racism and anti-Semitism.

Brian P. Moore,

Spring Hill, Florida


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