"MeToo" Cause Long Overdue, but Danger of Losing Due Process is of Higher Concern

Sexual harassment

I concur that women in our society have been the victims of people in positions of power and authority and have taken advantage of their vulnerability and dependence on economic survivability.

However, I am concerned about the loss of due process for the accused sexual harraser, just as I have been about the threat to right-wing protestors' right to assemble, and accused policemen's right to due process when involved in the shooting of minorities.

All Americans are entitled to a full range of civil liberties, and should be assumed "innocent until proven guilty" by a court of law. However, what we are witnessing by the media, politicians, interest groups, minority rights organizations, and the population in general, is a rush to judgment. Some groups have become lynch mobs and declared the accused immediately guilty, based on partial or inaccurate videos or biased witness opinions, and are demanding instant firings of the accused, their immediate incarceration and sentencing, and falsely accusing political leaders of positions they do not in fact hold but are pressured into.

Our society if so polarized, and distrustful, that there appears to be no middle ground, nor a greater demand of the facts, or of slow, methodical investigations for the truth of what really happened in the various circumstances.

Until we recognize the ultimate importance of preserving our freedoms and liberties, we will spiral downward into a society where all of our rights are forsaken. It is just a matter of time, when we as citizens might be put in a similar situation of being falsely accused, and that we will need our rights protected and exercised on our behalf.

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