EACH WEEK PASSERSBY JOIN DEMONSTRATORS! ---for Dreamers, Refugees, Special Counsel Mueller

Deb Anderson (holding Refugee sign) and Danette and Jim Potochick (both holding Mueller Investigate sign, in separate pictures in order to take photos). The three were traveling from Palm Coast to Cedar Key and stopped to briefly join Joe Murphy and Brian Moore in their Feb. 3, 2018 Saturday demonstration.

For the third week in a row passersby spontaneously joined demonstrators Joe Murphy and Brian Moore in west central Florida (Weeki Wachee, Fl., Saturday, February 3,2018) who have conducted mostly Saturday demonstrations displaying signs "Let Mueller Investigate," and "Support Special Counsel Mueller!" along with posters for "refugees" and "dreamers (DACA)," and opposing the new tax bill.

Each week passersby have pulled into the Weeki Wachee Park corner's nearby CVS parking lot and walked over to spontaneously help demonstrators display their protest signs (see photos above).

This past weekend, as have occurred the previous two weekends, residents from Palm Coast were on their way by automobile to visit a small town to the north, Cedar Key, and stopped to support the demonstration. The travelers, Danette and Jim Potochick, and Deb Anderson, can be seen in the two pictures.

The passersby expressed surprise to see such a public display, and found it curious that such liberal citizens were active in such conservative strongholds of Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties!

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