Protests of Assault Weapons, Gun Clips and NRA Evoke Strong Emotions, Pro & Con, in Conservative

While protesting assault weapons and the NRA simultaneously, fellow demonstrators Joe Murphy and Brian Moore evoked strong emotional responses, pro and con, from Passersby, two weeks in a row (March 3rd and March 10th, 2018), across the street from the Weeki Wachee State Park in west central Florida (Hernando County).

One young passerby, leading out of his passenger side window, gave Brian and Joe his middle finger, and yelled you Faggots! Others just rolled their windows down saying they disagreed or yelled "You are wrong!" An equal number, if not more, people supporting their protest, honked their horns, gave thumbs up signs, or some passersby yelled "Keep up the good work!"

Even pedestrians, walking by (see photos below) stopped to give their two cents, both pro and con, about guns and the NRA.

Joe Murphy, WWII Veteran,displays his strong anti-NRA signs on March 10th, 2018, at the Weeki Wachee Park intersection.

March 10, 2018, Weeki Wachee, Florida.  Joe Murphy protests NRA

March 10, 2018, Weeki Wachee, Florida. Brian Moore protests Assault Weapons and oversized bullet clips for guns.

March 10, 2018, Irate woman (next to pole) yells back at Joe that "Guns don't kill, people do!" Her husband walks far ahead of her in white shirt, avoiding confrontation.

March 3, 2018, across the street from the Weeki Wachee park. Joe Murphy debating issue of guns with another passerby.

Joint picture of Brian and WWII Veteran Joe together at March10, 2018 gun and NRA protest. Joe is a snowbird from Columbus, Ohio, and after this demonstration, he returned to his home state for the spring and summer. Joe will return to Florida in the Fall. Meanwhile, Joe will continue his various protests, with fellow Ohioans, on the issues of war, poverty, racism, guns, NRA; plus, he always displays a 2016 Bernie Sanders for President sign at all of his protests. Joe is an 89 year old widower, who got married several days after this photo was taken.

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