"March for Our Lives" says "Enough" with Such Proliferation of Guns in America!

Brian demonstrates his opposition to the sale of assault rifles in America on March 17, 2018, in West Central Florida (Weeki Wachee Park, Florida).

Brian's one-man demonstration on Saturday, March 17, 2018, with a second sign that said "USA Not NRA," at Weeki Wachee Park intersection, Spring Hill, Florida, putting the American people's interests ahead of a special interest group that controls U.S. Congress with blood its money!

Full picture of "USA Not NRA" sign in Brian's trunk. Note "Out of Iraq NOW!" bumper sticker displayed on his back bumper since 20003.

The above three pictures showing Brian protesting gun violence in America, especially in our schools, and used against our children, were done a week before the "March for Our Lives" mass demonstration in support of the 800,000 marchers who appeared in Washington, DC today (March 24, 2018), and for the other thousands demonstrating the same day in major cities across America and the globe!

While Brian protested with his own messages, he experienced signs and sounds of anger as well as support during his two-hour demonstration in conservative Hernando County, Florida. Passersby did not hesitate to yell their opinions from open windows, motorcycles, semi's and pickup trucks, SUV's and sedans. Some were vulgar, others gave sings of affection and even peace signs. Passersby took i-phone pictures, videos, as if this demonstration was somehow unique or different.

Brian says his biggest impression is that our society and culture is changing, that they are more open to support strong control ideas. Many Americans are upset with so many guns, and such high-powered guns, in our society, and they object, but don't know what to do in the face of political leaders not reflecting their worries, concerns and even opposition.

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