The recent vote by the Northern Ireland conservative political party to form a coalition with England's Prime Minister, Theresa May, may have set the stage for the regression of Irish Unity...

As British Prime Minister Theresa May continues to negotiate with the European Union over England's exit from Brexit, it appears that her power base is dependent on her party's alliance with Northern Ireland's Conservative Party. Yet its dependence on Britain in order to secure its affiliation and allegiance with England, while wanting economic advantages by remaining in the European Union, is creating an insurmountable conflict.

The problem is the European Union is requiring a soft border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, because both are within the European Union. But the Conservative Party in Northern Ireland is requiring British allegiance to remain affiliated with England. Ms. May needs them to remain in power, but she has to demonstrate to the European Union how she will retain a soft border. The danger here, is that the 1998 Good Friday alliance between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland is in jeopardy if Ms. May protects her Northern Ireland alliance with a hard border

The Republic of Ireland, and the politically active groups like the IRA and Sinn Fein, and the Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, have to sit on their hands and patiently wait to see the next move by Theresa May and whether she can leave the European Union without jeopardizing the Good Friday Agreement by supporting a hard border with the Republic of Ireland.

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