Iran at Peace

Iran at Peace

President Donald Trump's decision on May 8, 2018, to withdraw America from the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran, and its other six signatories (China, Russia, France, Germany, Great Britain and the European Union) is not only a violation of the 8-member accord, but sews the seeds for further upheaval and possible wars in the Middle East.

Trump's illogical decision to prevent the development of nuclear weapons by Iran, only lays the groundwork for Iran's justification to withdraw from the accord, now that the treaty is broken, and for Iran to continue its nuclear weaponization immediately. It also creates upheaval in the Middle East because of Israel and Saudi Arabia's chicanery and public support of Trump's actions.

We also see the possibility of President Trump already escalating his verbal threats to bomb Iran if it dares to return to its previous nuclear development efforts. In addition, this radical development by the U.S. creates the possibility of Iran going to war with Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Furthermore, President Trump has now put the United States in the position that its agreements cannot be trusted, that we lied about our intentions, and he continues to isolate us from our European allies and the other signees of the accord. Russia and China will now be able to strengthen its' positions not only in the Middle East, but also around the world.

One has to seriously believe that the President's decision, is due in large part, over his petulant and juvenile attitude, behavior and resentment toward his predecessor, former president Barack Obama. Trump's need to always be the center of attention, at the expense of individuals, and even of our respected institutions and accords, is creating dangers for our country., if not the world.

We need to seriously consider whether legal and constitutional actions could and should be taken to remove President Trump from office before he creates mayhem, destruction and great loss of life.

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