May, 2018 Texas school shooting leads to youths' need for recognition due to bully- ing, rejecti

Photo posted on of police in front of Santa Fe High School in Texas, where 10 people were shot dead and 13 were wounded by a 17 year old student on May 18, 2018.

The 17 year old high school shooter in Santa Fe, Texas, Dimitrios Pagoutzis, who killed ten and wounded 13, posted photos of himself on facebook with an image of a trench coat pinned with various insignia, including the Iron Cross used by the Nazis, which the teen wrote represented "bravery;" the Communist hammer and sickle pin, he said, stood for "rebellion;" and a depiction of the idol Baphomet symbolized "Evil." Photos showed he wore a "killer shirt."

Critics and media pundits are blaming outlandish clothes worn by teenagers as indicators of danger and mental illness. However, teenagers everywhere have always worn anti-establishment clothes, colored or cut their hair long and short, and have acted rebellious in efforts to declare their independence from their parents.

The culture of American youth has changed; but it is due to instant notoriety on social media, sensitivity to personal rejection and bullying at schools. Teenagers are now more affected by the more frequency of violence in our society, and the apparent increase in media reporting and societal acceptability of such violent behavior in America.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick of Texas, an NRA A+ member, blamed school violence and shootings on violent video games played by kids, outlandish clothes and hairdo's, no religion or talk of God in schools, broken families, abortions in our society and too many entrances and exits at schools.

Patrick made little or no reference to access to and use of guns, bullet magazines nor to the age and background checks of gun purchasers. Mr. Patrick's only reference to placing any fault on access to guns was when he blamed parents for not storing guns safely in their homes.

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