Extending fig leaf to Russia supersedes hacking evidence and Trump collusion in America's 2016 c

Photos taken by The Guardian Newspaper of England, of President and Mrs. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, July 15, 2018. Helsinki, Finland.

President Trumps' apparent love affair with Russian President Vladimir Putin is disturbing and confusing. No matter, the fact that our President has Putin's attention and interest makes for an apparent peaceful co-existence between our two major nuclear powers. That should be our country's highest priority.

The obvious hacking of the American electoral system by Russia, as overwhelmingly proven by our intelligence community, should be a major concern, but not enough to jeopardize our peaceful co-standing.

While the Democrats, and now some Republicans, are critical of President Trump for not treating Russia as our traditional enemy, it is based on incorrect facts and unproven accusations. The US Congress and intelligence community's pre-conceived, but unfounded notion that Russia is dangerous because of its referendum and takeover of Crimea and its alignment with Iran in Syria and the Assad government, it is just not right. Plus, Russia is being accused, without evidence so far, of downing a Ukrainian airliner killing 292 people, poisoning British residents with chemicals claimed to be made in Russia and assassinating critics. Most of these accusations are without evidence so far.

Granted, President Trump's actions, behavior and stability warrant more of a concern, but not to the point of

alienating or jeopardizing our peaceful co-existence with a major nuclear power.

It is all important that we keep an open mind and open communication with foreign adversaries in order to assure our own country's security and well-being. Wars can be started quickly over mistakes, misunderstandings, or even small insignificant actions. Now, with nuclear proliferation amongst many countries of the world it is imperative that we not lose sight that nuclear warfare should be our number one priority to safeguard against.

Ironically, in reaction to President Trump's outrageous behavior and actions, many liberals, Democrats and Independents have defended the intelligence community and understandably applauded the Special Prosecutor Mueller investigation. However, historically, the United States intelligence community has a dark history of violating the constitution and of depriving the rights and liberties of many American citizens and even of prisoners and so-called "enemy combatants."

Dating back to the U.S. Congress passing the Espionage and Sedition Acts under Democratic President Woodrow Wilson in 1917 and 1918, and imprisoning critics of America's involvement in World War I (Socialists, unionists, movie producers and university professors, etc) Americans rights to challenge its government, its war policies, and even its right to speak out freely, were undermined and taken away.

The suppression of the union movement in the1930's and 1940's, the McCarthy Hearings and Un-American Committee Hearings of the early 1950's, the foreign assassinations in Iran, Gratemala, Vietnam and Chile; and the spying by the FBI on and accusations of anti-Vietnam war protestors and draft dodgers as communists and traitors in the 1960's and 1970's were actions of the US congress. and the US FBI, under J Edgar Hoover, which were blatant violations of human rights, democracy and depriving citizens of their constitutional liberties.

The military massacres (MyLai in Vietnam), the abuse of so-called enemy combatants in the War on Terror in the 1990's and 2000's were other dark periods of the U.S. intelligence community. Rendition and torturing of prisoners of war (enemy combatants) by the CIA continued the dark actions of our intelligence community, and the lie of "weapons of Mass Destruction" by our congressional leaders, that led our nation into war, were other examples of where the intelligence community performed disgracefully or remained silent in face of unjust, undemocratic, dishonest and destructive actions.

To now blindly throw our support to the FBI and CIA and to the James Comey's, John Brennan's, James Clapper's, etc. is dangerous and ignorant on our part of the past undemocratic actions taken by such American institutions.

Extending a fig leaf to Russia is proper and necessary now, despite the messanger, or in spite of him, President Donald Trump.

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