Intentionally Separating Immigrant Children from Parents is U.S. Sanctioned Kidnapping and Child Abu

The Trump Administration's deliberate separation of thousands of immigrant children from their parents, and with over 700 children subsequently losing family connections, is nothing more than United States sanctioned kidnapping and child abuse!

All Americans should be outraged that President Donald Trump's "Zero Tolerance" policy toward illegal immigrant entries of the U.S. borders is inhumane and destructive of the physical and emotional well-being of so many human beings.

The policy is an obvious intent to intimidate and deter immigrants from entering the United States. This action is a sin against humanity; it is shameless, cold, destructive and outright mean. Anyone with a conscience and with any degree of morality and ethical conduct should recognize that these actions are heinous and depraved.

Join me in protesting such actions by calling, writing and/or protesting in front of your congressional representative's office; or, displaying protest signs in front of any nearby Immigrant and Custom Enforcement Office (ICE) in your area.

Those responsible for this destructive policy are President Donald Trump, Secretary of State

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