"Stand Your Ground" Law in Florida is License for Mayhem---via Republican Legislators and

Drawing of Billy the Kid, famous vigilante and symbol of the Wild West, when there was no stable government and no rule of law. It was every man for himself!

The shooting and killing of another man over parking in a handicap parking space in front of a Clearwater, Florida convenience store, and the county sheriff deciding not to press charges because of Florida's rigid "Stand Your Ground" law," (SYG) is an example of the growing lawlessness and violence in Florida.

Florida's Republican legislature and the National Rifle Association (NRA), as collaborators, are responsible for legalizing violence and giving cover to civilians who decide to take the law into their own hands.

This strict SYG Florida law, recently reinforced in 2017, no longer requires a citizen shooter, who is under a physical threat or crime, to retreat, if they can safely escape. Now prosecutors have to prove why a shooter is not immune from being charged. Even the flimsiest excuse, when a shooter feels threatened, appears to be all that is needed to declare one's innocence.

The 2017 vote in the Florida state senate, on the expansion of the 2005 "Stand your Ground" law, was exclusively along partisan lines, with a 23 to15 vote. All 23 votes were from the entire Republican contingent of Senate legislators. All 15 votes opposing the measure were Democrats. The NRA is an overwhelming supporter of Republican and some Democrats.

Over 16.3 million Americans across the nation hold concealed weapons permits https://www.gunstocarry.com/concealed-carry-statistics/. In 2007 there were approximately 5 million Americans with concealed gun permits---a 268% increase in the last 11 years.

In the state of Florida alone, there are 2,105,339 citizens with concealed weapons permits, according to the state of Florida's Department of Agriculture's report as of June, 2018. Florida, by far, leads the nation in citizens with concealed gun permits. The next two states are Pennsylvania and Texas, which are about two-thirds of the number of Florida permit holders.

In 2016 Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring initiated a law that the Virginia Commonwealth no longer recognized out-of-state concealed handgun permits, part of a national push to circumvent mostly Republican legislatures opposed to tightening gun laws.

24 or 30 states with such permits laws have been excluded by Virginia due to their lax gun law requirements compared to Virginia's rigid concealed gun rules. This in effect, blocked 6.4 million concealed gun holders in other states to carry such weapons in the commonwealth of Virginia.

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