Darcy Richardson, Reform Party Candidate for Florida Governor, 2018: Forecasting a Progressive Surp


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Former Independent Candidate for Florida U.S. Senate in 2006 and Democratic Candidate for Governor in 2010, Brian Moore, to Support Richardson as a Better and More Progressive Alternative to the Two Major Party Candidates. Moore Forecasts Again, as he did in 2010, of an Impressive Progressive Showing and Electoral Surprise for the 2018 Race for Florida's New Governor.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, News Release, August 14, 2018 —Darcy Richardson, the Reform Party candidate for Florida Governor, 2018, and a progressive activist, will receive support for his candidacy today at the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Political Hob Nob event, Tuesday, August 14th, at the Tampa Convention Center (333 South Franklin Street, Tampa, 4-7 PM), from Brian Moore, a former Independent candidate who ran for Florida's U.S. Senate in 2006, and was also a candidate for Florida's Governor in the Democratic Party primary of 2010.

In his 2010 Democratic primary race for Governor of Florida, Moore received over 201,000 votes (23.4%) in a race with Alex Sink, the eventual Democratic nominee, who lost to Florida's present governor, Rick Scott, in the general election that same year. It was Moore's intent, then, to demonstrate to Florida's Democratic Party that a significant portion of its' registered members were progressive, liberal and even advocated a democratic socialist bent.

In 2008 Moore was the Socialist Party USA candidate for president and was on the Florida ballot, one of eight states where he qualified nationwide.

Moore's 2010 progressive forecast has proven to be accurate as witnessed by the recent 2018 Democratic primary upset in New York, where a young Democratic Socialist woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pulled off an upset victory over heavily favored incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley in New York's Democratic congressional primary. The 28 year-old Democratic Socialist candidate shocked the political world.

Florida Gubernatorial candidate Darcy Richardson, a 25 year resident of Jacksonville, Florida, is an American author, historian and progressive activist. He has gained prestigious awards for his writings of the American political system and the role of third parties, many of the progressive bent, in America's political history.

The Reform Party candidate has also worked as a financial consultant for a Florida institution in Jacksonville for several years.

Richardson was a candidate for the Lieutenant Governor of Florida in 2010, running with independent gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari.

Richardson, who is running as a dark-horse candidate in the 2018 race, is railing against the two-party system, arguing that Democratic and Republican politicians alike have been "bought off" by corporate greed and special interest groups. Richardson described the Florida Democratic Party as "a woeful and ineffective opposition party." Richardson added, "Any party that managed to lose twice to Rick Scott — a cold-hearted guy responsible for the then-largest Medicare fraud case in American history and who later denied Medicaid coverage to more than 600,000 Floridians under the Affordable Care Act — deserves to be relegated to the dustbin of history."

Richardson also blames America's 15 year involvement in continuous illegal and immoral wars in the Middle East, thereby increasing the national debt and depriving all Floridians of federal funding for needed mental health, drug abuse and education programs; and for preserving and protecting the numerous water and environmental resources in Florida.

The Reform Party candidate also blasted both Florida political parties for ignoring the country's growing health care crisis. Florida politicians of both major parties, said Richardson, "lack courage and the spine to standing up for citizens' needs and a better quality of life."

Darcy Richardson, according to Brian Moore, represents a "New party and person of conscience" for Florida. "The Florida gubernatorial race will quickly turn into a three-way contest," said Moore. "Darcy's campaign will prick the conscience of Floridians, especially those who are sick and tired of the Democrats and Republicans internal party primary bickering, and their negative politics as usual."

Moore urges Florida voters to vote for Reform Party candidate for Governor of Florida, Darcy Richardson, in the November general election!

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