Choice Now Clear for Floridians: Nancy Argenziano Joins Reform Party Guber-natorial Candidate Darcy

Gubernatorial Reform Party candidate Darcy Richardson has chosen an excellent running mate for Florida governor, Nancy Argenziano, who has exemplified a courageous independence during her earlier work and representation in the Florida legislature and while on the Fl. Public Utility Commission.

Richardson and Argenziano will be a very practical and clear alternative for many Floridians who do not feel comfortable with both major party candidates, nor with the damaged credibility of the Democratic and Republican parties they represent.

While my personal preference is further to the left, and the future is heading in that direction, the two major parties' tyranny and corruption "trumps" ideology over all else.

Florida may have a surprising gubernatorial winner with the refreshing Reform Party ticket!

Following: Today's announcement and link in the Sunshine State News:

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