Judge Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation a Blot on America

Photo of Brett Kavanaugh by DellFranklin.com at Senate Judiciary Hearings, September 27, 2018

The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, by the United States Senate, is a blot on the veracity and reputation of America.

This singular action is a blow to the integrity of the United States Congress, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and of the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS). All three institutions have suffered serious damage in the eyes of all Americans. Belief and faith in any one of these bodies is now non-existent.

The FBI's recent watered down, superficial background check into Mr. Kavanaugh's actions, in relation to two accusations by several women, was nothing but a joke! Everyone recognizes that the sexual assault charges against Judge Kavanaugh from Christine Blasey Ford and the sexual misconduct charge by Deborah Ramirez were not investigated properly nor thoroughly by the FBI. If anything, it appeared to be a token effort.

In addition, President Trump limited the investigative scope of the FBI thereby eliminating interviews of both key witnesses, Ms. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, plus a broader list of witnesses submitted by both accusers. For FBI Director Christopher A. Wray to remain silent as to his agency's assigned investigative limitations also speaks poorly of his own integrity and lack of courage in this process.

Mr. Kavanaugh's demeanor and behavior when he testified after Ms. Ford appearance before the Senate Committee was also shocking. His anger and disassembling performance of the facts, in both committee appearances, conveyed a man lying publicly and under oath, and communicating falsehoods that were nothing but astonishing to the average viewer.

His expressions of angry partisanship and conspiracy by Democrats and the Clintons were surprising in themselves. Mr. Kavanaugh destroyed any reasonable semblance of his ability to be independent and fair minded as a jurist on the highest court of the land.

The women of America have every right to be outraged by the shallow procedures and disingenuous efforts implemented by the US Senate and President Trump in evaluating and investigating the nominee's accused sexual conduct.

From a personal standpoint, as a similarly practicing Catholic, of similar Irish decent, and educated at a similar catholic high school and catholic college, Judge Kavanaugh's behavior was an embarrassment.

Granted, the schools I attended were not at the privileged upper class level as Georgetown Prep. In fact, ours were boarding schools with some students exhibiting behavioral problems. Plus, we were no saints either when it came to underage drinking, but the school faculty's tolerance of such parties and yearbook shenanigans went beyond the pale.

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