Socialist Urges "accused socialist" Gillum to withdraw from Florida Governor Race--endorse

The Reform Party ticket, Darcy Richardson-Nancy Argenziano, was endorsed by a former Socialist presidential candidate in 2008, due to his concerns over Florida voters' confusion and consternation of voting for a candidate who might be federally indicted 3 months after being elected.

Today, October 23, 2018, printed my following endorsement letter of the Richardson-Argenziano Reform Party ticket for Florida Governor., October 23, 2018, 10 AM. Updated, 10/24/18, 11:20 AM.

Both major party candidates for governor of Florida---Democrat Andrew Gillum, and former Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis, who are 39 and 40 years of age respectively---are not qualified nor experienced to lead the state of Florida, and it is not because of their ages.

Mayor Gillum should withdraw from the race if he does not succeed in gaining an immediate clearance by the FBI on its ongoing investigation of the Tallahassee government, which he leads; or, at the very least, he should be declared free of any personal wrongdoing by the FBI.

Gillum's withdrawal, if necessary, would be a responsible action on his part, in light of the majority of concerned voters of Florida, who fear, if Mr. Gillum is victorious, a possible indictment of this new governor, could occur three months after the election.

The other four candidates who ran in the Democratic primary, abdicated their responsibility by not raising the issue of the FBI investigation, thereby misinforming and misleading the public, as well as Democratic primary voters.

The media has also compounded the problem by failing to report, in this general election period, that there are four other qualified candidates for governor on the ballot, three independents and one running as the Reform Party nominee. In doing so, the media magnified the Florida voters' consternation of falsely reporting that the voters do not have a choice of alternative candidates.

Contributing to the voters’ growing fears, DeSantis has attempted to impose a false stigma and an outdated concept of "socialism" on the "leftist" Democratic candidate. For his part, DeSantis adds to Florida voter consternation by his advocating "right-wing" extremist ideas and offering a nonexistent platform to solve Florida's problems.

Doubling voters' worries, neither of the two major party candidates have any state government experience. Neither of them have ever worked in the private sector as well.

It is not too late for voters to turn their attention to one of the four alternative nominees on the ballot.

I urge Floridians to vote for the Darcy Richardson-Nancy Argenziano Reform Party ticket.

Richardson, 62-years-old, is a nationally recognized historian and the author of more than ten political books on third parties and nontraditional candidates. He is also an experienced financial consultant in the private sector.

Richardson's running mate, 63-year-old Nancy Argenziano, is a former ten-year Florida Republican state representative and state senator, who served from 1996 through 2006. She is also a former Public Utilities Commissioner in Florida from 2007, when she was appointed by then Gov. Charlie Crist, through 2012. She was removed by Gov. Rick Scott after she left the GOP in 2011.

Richardson and Argenziano possess an overwhelming combination of private sector and state government work experience. They have repeatedly taken independent and courageous positions in their adult lives, offering a unique combination of honesty and leadership.

The Reform Party ticket offers moderate, incremental reform that will prove more acceptable and realistic to the majority of Floridians. Richardson and Argenziano, being on the ballot, remove the serious risk and fear factors that so many Floridians are now feeling about having to choose from the highly questionable qualifications and reputations of the two major party candidates. End.

Hernando County resident Brian Moore has worked in the HMO/ Managed Care industry for more than two decades and has worked on vaccination and community development programs across the globe. A longtime political activist, Moore ran for city council and for mayor in Washington D.C., opposing Marion Barry, as an independent. He has as an independent and as a Democrat for governor, Congress and the U.S. Senate in Florida including taking 23 percent against Alex Sink in the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial primary. He was the Socialist Party’s presidential candidate in 2008.

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