Now that the recount for the Florida Governor's race is all but officially over, with Republican Ron DeSantis winning by 34,000 votes out of over 8 million votes cast in the November 6, 2018 election, losing Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum may still have to face a second reckoning in the next six months.

The three-year old FBI investigation of the Tallahassee City government (opened in 2015), which includes its investigation of Mr. Andrew Gillum's best friend, Adam Corey (a local businessman and lobbyist), Andrew's brother, Marcus Gillum, and even Mayor Gillum himself, has yet to be concluded.

Gillum has been an elected city commissioner since 2003 serving for 15 years for the City of Tallahassee. The investigation started from 2012 forward, two years before Gillum became Mayor in 2014 (Tallahassee Reports, August 30, 2018, by Steve Stewart)


Following is a letter I sent to the Tampa Bay Times' Editors and editorial board on November 5, after sending the newspaper a series of letters since October 19, 2018 advocating a third party alternative for governor, Reform Party candidate Darcy Richardson. In the correspondence, I referred to Mr. Gillum's FBI investigation and his lack of clarity and answers as to reasons why one should consider voting third party.

By November 5, 2018, one day before the election, in my letter below, I urged the Times to, at the least, to withdraw its endorsement of Mr. Gillum. As one can see in the letter, I refer extensively to the Times' editorial of October 25, 2018, which urged Mr. Gillum to clarify his role and his confusing answers to the FBI investigation.

Mr. Gillum's second day of reckoning, may yet to come!

November 5, 2018

Mr. Mark Katches, Executive Editor

Mr. Tim Nickens, Editorial Editor

and The Editorial Board

Tampa Bay Times

St. Petersburg, Florida

Sirs and Madam:

Your editorial of October 25, 2018, "Gillum Needs to Clear Air Quickly" did not move Democratic candidate for Governor, Andrew Gillum, to address his more serious flaws of "confusing response[s]," and his need "to provide more complete answers, regarding the FBI investigation of corruption in Tallahassee."

Records that were released that previous Tuesday [Oct. 23, 2018] raised doubts in your Editorial Board, as stated, about Mr. Gillum's previous answers regarding the Hamilton tickets, and "those texts contradict Gillum's previous explanation, and his later statements…did not help his credibility," the Board stated.

The Tampa Bay Times Board editorialized that Mr. Gillum's statement"implausibly declared,"….and questioned his response statement of vindication with a one word [sarcastic] sentence: "Vindicated?"

Your Board then wrote that while "Voters often forgive mistakes, they are less likely to forgive deceptive explanations." The implication was (my interpretation) that candidate Gillum's deception probably borders on lying to the public.

The Times Board then summed up what I believe still exists now: "Timing could not be worse for voters." "Voters have to choose …without having a complete picture of what really went on in Tallahassee."

The Times Board urged Democrat Gillum to "wave confidentiality on the ethics complaints against him…" "If he has nothing to hide as he has claimed for months, that should be an easy call."

Mr. Gillum has not complied with your urgings and requests to be more open and honest, or to clarify the situation for confused voters by waving confidentiality. He has not done any of that.

Therefore, It would seem incumbent upon the Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board to make an emergency, last-minute decision to reverse, or retract, its' early endorsement of Mr. Gillum.

If it is too late or too difficult to endorse an alternative candidate, then at least, the Board should take a neutral position regarding this gubernatorial election.

Brian P. Moore

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