Third Party's 47,000+ Votes Surpasses 34,000 Vote Difference in Fl. Gov. Race ---demonstrating b

The final vote count between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis ended with an approximately 34,000 vote difference out of 8 million plus cast. The Reform Party candidate, Darcy Richardson, and his Lt. Governor choice, Nancy Argenziano, received over 47,000 votes, despite the blackout by the press and media on third party candidates...which was almost one and one/half times the vote difference between Gillum and DeSantis.

On Election night, Gillum was ahead in the votes, and the Republicans pummeled the Richardson campaign with vindictive twitter and facebook criticisms of being a "spoiler" for their candidate. Then, when DeSantis moved ahead, the Democrats became, and continue to be, the internet culprits, throwing vindictives at the Reform Party team.

Both major parties should recognize that the Richardson-Argenziano team was the more moderate of their two extreme candidates. Neither major party candidate made any effort to moderate its platform or statements, creating deep consternation for everyone, and alienation at least among the 47,000 plus Florida voters endorsing the third party candidates.

Let us hope that Governor-elect DeSantis will moderate his views, or else the general populace will not have to feel they only have a choice between the "lessor of two evils."

Floridians, voters and non-voters alike, will be more demanding of Mr. DeSantis' fairer and a more moderate performance, since they will be his sole constituents in this new campaign as The Governor of all Floridians!

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