Referring to "Cuba Is Pulling Doctors From Brazil After Comments by Far-Right President" by Shasta Darlington, Nov. 15, 2018, New York Times:


Cuba's decision to withdraw its 8,000 Cuban doctors from treating 60 million Brazilians in underserved and remote communities in Brazil, in a 5-year old successful program called "More Doctors," appears to be a rash overreaction by the Cuban government of hurt pride to the unnecessary, harsh and derogatory words from Brazil's newly elected president, Jair Bolsonaro.

The new Brazilian leader appears to be placing his right-wing ideology over the needs of his own citizens. And the left-wing Cuban government appears to be similarly defending its ideology when cooler words and more responsible actions are needed.

Granted, not allowing the Cuban doctors to bring its families to Brazil, is particularly harsh of the Cuban government. And Brazil could work out an agreement with Cuba to compensate the Cuban program if its doctors remained as Cuban citizens while continuing to work under the Cuban program in Brazil.

Furthermore, both Brazil's new president, Jair Bolsonaro, and Cuba's new president, Miquel Diaz-Canel, should be willing to negotiate an improved shared-compensation arrangement for the Cuban doctors, with both countries improving its compensatory role for the lower-wage physicians.

Even the co-sponsoring Pan American Health Organization, which manages the program, could contribute in its small way to the compensation arrangements.

There is no need for both countries, the 8,000 doctors, and especially the low-income and remote-living 60 million Brazilians to lose such critical and life-saving medical services over arrogant ideolgy and vain pride. ---End---

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