Tampa Bay Times Unethical Reporting on Gubernatorial Candidates for Florida!

Photo of "Ethics in Journalism" updated on November 26, 2018, Prof. Esther Dillard, Bloomfield College, NJ

According to the Tampa Bay Times Voter package of October 17, they only listed two candidates for governor, Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis when there are actually a total of six candidat

Voter endorsement editorial of October 11, 2018, of Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum for governor of Florida, states that "there is no centrist on the November ballot who offers broad appeal..."

The Times editorial board is wrong. A third choice on the official state of Florida ballot is Reform Party candidate Darcy Richardson, and his Lt. Governor candidate, Nancy Argenziano.

Mr. Richardson is a well-known author of political history books and a financial consultant, while Ms. Argenziano is a former 10-year state representative and senator, and Public Utilities Chair in Florida. Their platform is centrist and balanced, offering broad appeal and a sound alternative choice to the two extremes of Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis!

(see https://apps.palmbeachpost.com/kycg2018/candidate/darcy-richardson.html)

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