Brian Negates Democrats--they only add more gov't entitlements to capitalism---they are not Demo

Brian Moore, former presidential candidate of the Socialist Party USA in 2008, appeared on FoxNews' "Laura Ingraham's Angle" show on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 with panelists Monica Crowley and Dan Bongino. Brian disagreed with Ms. Ingraham's label, as being promoted by President Trump, of the liberal Democratic presidential candidates as "Democratic Socialists." Brian responded during this 9-minute segment that Democrats are "only increasing more government entitlements," and in no way are they "Democratic socialists!"

Brian stated that the liberal Democrats running for president are only reformers within the capitalist economic system. Plus, they do not advocate a radical economic system change, where ownership and management is transferred from the private sector's economic institutions to public sector's communities, workers and democratic cooperatives.

Click here if you wish to view the entire 30-minute episode of "The Ingraham Angle."

When Ms. Ingraham posed a question to Brian "Where has socialism flourished in the world," Brian surprised her and the other two panelists stating "Nowhere!" He followed up with a clarification that the United State of America and other capitalist countries have sabotaged and undermined legitimately elected Democratic Socialist presidents who have attempted to transfer their country from a capitalist to a socialist economic system (i.e. Cuba, Chile, Venezuela).

As in these three countries, our government supported, early on, military coups---all unsuccessful! Then Uncle Sam imposed economic sanctions creating financial hardships on the country's entire population, causing spiraling inflation, a black market economy resulting in reduction of foods and medicines.

When a country's economy spirals out of control, the newly elected socialist presidents are forced to impose more political restrictions and limitations on some rights, in order to survive. Then the USA and other capitalist countries point fingers claiming "See, Socialism doesn't work, because it is authoritarian and allows corruption to seep in."

When in reality, we Americans are the primary cause of these humanitarian crises, especially in the case of Venezuela presently.

In some cases, as documented, America has also acted in a terrorist fashion as did occur in Chile in 1973. Our government covertly financed newspapers, political parties, some right-wing military officers and even covertly sent weapons in U.S. diplomatic pouches.

Because of our undemocratic and underhanded actions we were responsible for the overthrow of a democratically elected Socialist president in Chile in 1973 by the name of Salvadore Allende Gossens.

U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Saturday (February 23, 2019), called the Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, a "sick Tyrant." This is a classic example of how our government is attempting to unfairly label the socialist president Maduro and to justify why America should consider overthrowing or invading Venezuela "to save the people," when we caused this humanitarian crisis in the first place.

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