Blood on Rubio's Hands if Violence Occurs in Venezuela!---senator displays ignorance/immaturity

20 October, 2011. Photo by Esam Omran Al-Fetori/Reuters, Libyan President, Muammomar Gadaffi

There will be blood on the hands of Florida's United States Senator Marco Rubio if either the United States military invades the country or if civil violence occurs against Venezuelan Socialist President, Nicolas' Maduro," says Brian Moore, former 2008 Socialist Party USA presidential candidate.

Rubio's displaying of ugly photograph tweets of so-called dictators (Manuel Antonio Noriega of Panama and Muammomar Gadaffi of Libya) who were either unfairly imprisoned or pictured being beaten up and killed by their own people (Gadaffi), is a disgraceful and disgusting demonstration of bravado, un-American conduct, and adolescent immaturity by this U.S. Senator, stated Moore. Moore labeled Rubio as an embarrassment, not only to his Cuban heritage and people, but to the United States Congress, and should be rebuked or sanctioned for his "uncivilized behavior."

Moore further criticized Rubio for his ignorance of history in displaying the photos of two foreign leaders, as implied strongmen and "dictators." Both Gadaffi and Noriega were long term allies and partners with the United States government, each alliance covering 20 years or more. To label them as dictators is highly questionable as to their overall adult lives.

Gaddafi helped the US pursue the Al Qaeda's network in North Africa, provided information to the CIA on Libyan nationals with alleged ties to international terrorists; and turned over suspects in the Pan Am bombing which killed 270 innocent people. Most importantly, the Libya leader, Gadaffi, at the behest of US President George W. Bush, renounced Libya's nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs, which was a major step to furthering safety in the world.

Panamanian General Noriega also cooperated with our government by traveling to Cuba to negotiate the freedom of two American ships' crews who were being held hostage; and Noriega also was a paid informant for the CIA for almost 24 years, from 1964 through 1988. While Moore disagreed with US actions during the Contra wars, Noriega allowed the US to set up listening posts in Panama against the leftist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua and used Panama as a conduit for US money and weapons for the Contras for then US President Ronald Reagan.

American-military trained Noriega may have become involved in dealing with drugs, and the Colombian Cartel, however, former US President George Bush, Sr.'s highly questionable actions of having the U.S. militarily invade Panama in1991 in "Operation Just Cause," resulted in the unnecessary deaths of almost1,000 Panamanians and 26 American soldiers. President Bush was also responsible for imprisoning Noriega for 40 years, on weak drug charges and two highly unsubstantiated killings, all of which were being challenged by Noriega's American lawyers over a period of many years.

For Senator Rubio to falsely compare Venezuelan's Socialist President, Nicolas' Maduro, as a horrendous dictator, like a Gadaffi, to be beaten up and killed by his own countryman; is ludicrous and unquestionably provocative. This only demonstrates Marco Rubio's evil character and puerile ignorance as a so-called leader in Florida, must less a viable presidential candidate, as in the past or for the future.


[Note: Brian Moore was a United States Peace Corps volunteer in South America, serving in Panama City from 1969 to 1971, and in Lima, Peru from 1971-72, both countries were under leftist military rule then. Moore personally observed Noriega in action as a Lieutenant Colonel under the military leadership of Panama's Strongman General Omar Torrijos. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, Moore met Torrijos in the slums of San Miguelito, on the outskirts of Panama City, where impoverished migrating farm families established cardboard homes overnight in both state-owned and privately owned land where property taxes were unpaid.]

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