News release of 16 days ago..posted now: "Socialist to Visit No. Ireland border; seeks Meeting

Photo in 1990's of "Hard" border checkpoint at a main border crossing in Northern Ireland

News Release: Spring Hill, Florida

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Contact: Brian Moore, 352-585-2907


Former Socialist Party presidential candidate of 2008 has requested meetings with leaders of the Sinn Fein Party, the Irish Republican Socialist Party and the Green Party to address global issues.

Brian Moore, the Socialist Party USA presidential candidate in 2008, is traveling to northern Ireland today for an 8-day trip to visit various Northern Ireland border crossings.

The socialist activist has also requested meetings with three leftist political parties in Ireland.

The"soft" borders between northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland covers 310 miles long and there are approximately 270 public highways and smaller roads that cross the countrywide border.

During the 1970's on through 1998, the main borders were considered "hard" borders, manned by British soldiers, with vehicular gates, due to the political "troubles" over the Irish unification effort and its desire for separation from British control in the north. The "Good Friday Agreement of 1998" eliminated the "hard" borders, and it is now the hope of the Irish in both jurisdictions, that it remain so once the UK leaves the European Union because of its referendum vote in 2016.

Moore hopes to engage leftist political leaders to gain more knowledge on the issue of Brexit, Irish unification and how socialism can be presented in order to transition a new economic ideology in the United States.

President Trump proclaimed today, with the visiting Brazilian rightwing president, Jair Bolsonaro, and yesterday in a speech in Miami, that this period in his presidency is the "twilight of socialism," implying socialist countries of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are soon headed for extinction. Trump simultaneously implied that the Democratic Party is "socialists" and its presidential candidates will all go down to defeat as well.

Moore, who is a socialist has an extensive background working in Latin America, for almost three years in the U.S. Peace corps in the countries of Panama and Peru; and for another five years as a health consultant working extensively in Brazil, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Bolivia. During that period he witnessed many leftist civilian and military governments, along with their socialist policies and ideas.

Moore, who is a registered voter in the socialist leaning Green Party in the United States, is making an effort to bring about "the twilight of capitalism globally." His visit to Ireland is another small step in achieving that goal.

Moore can be reached on his cell phone in Ireland by dialing as if in the states, at 352-585-2907.


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