Does Ireland Really Want to Unify?

Brian standing in front of the famous Government Post Office (GPO) building in Dublin, Ireland, where 103 years ago the "Easter Rising of April 24,1916" occurred. Was the uprising all for nothing in light of the recent Brexit vote and its expected outcome? (woman in photo is passerby when picture was taken, March 25, 2019).

Despite the history of Irish rebellion and yearning of its citizens for independence from the United Kingdom (UK), the recent Brexit vote of 2016, where the majority of British citizens in England, as well at the majority in the north of Ireland, under UK jurisdiction, voted to remain in the European Union (EU), there seems to be a change of heart occurring, of all Irish citizens.

The question now is, do the Irish citizens in the north wish to separate from UK rule in order to remain with the EU? Economic self-interest and the improving economies of both regions of Ireland, north and south, may be the overriding impetus for final separation from the UK, but will it lead to Irish unification!

Despite the impetus for both regions in Ireland remaining within the European Union, there does not seem to be much enthusiasm on both sides for Ireland to become one sovereign country. A limited exposure to the Irish mindset during my visit several weeks ago has exposed an indifference or even a disregard for Irish of the north and south to come together politically. Time will only tell!

Historical footnotes:

During the week of the "Easter Rising in 1916" over 1600 citizens joined an Irish rebellion for Independence from England; and 500 people died. 16 Irish Rebels were also executed by the British Army.

This was the most significant Irish uprising since1797, and the first armed effort in the 20th century of Irish citizens to declare its independence from Britain. The (IRA) Irish Republican Army subsequently began its first armed attack on British police in Ireland in1919, and continued its guerrilla attacks, gaining impetus in opposition to the 1920 Act of Ireland, which had partitioned the country into north and south.

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