Violence follows Speaker Pelosi's visit to No. Ireland border to recognize 20 years of peace---A

Photos 1 & 2 taken by Niall Carson/PA /AP, of rioting in Londonderry, Ireland, April 18, 2019, resulting in Irish Journalist death (Lyra McKee, 29). The violence occurred in Creggan, a heavily Catholic area of Londonderry city after the police started carrying out house searches due to reports of firearm storage in preparation of a planned annual commemoration of the "Easter rising of 1916" on Easter Monday, April 23.

Scene of local rioters throwing stones at the police vehicles. Residents and onlookers in the neighborhood can be seen in the background. Photo taken by P. Faith/AFP/Getty Images, April 18, 2019, Londonderry, Ireland.

Police guard a crime scene during unrest in the Creggan area of Londonderry, in Northern Ireland, Thursday, April 18, 2019. (Niall Carson/PA via AP)

Northern Ireland police make reports following night of rioting (April 19, 2019. Photos by Niall Carson/PA/via AP)

Unidentified photo. Sign saying "Free Derry" apparently implies that the city of Londonderry, which the Republic of Ireland residents prefer to call "Derry," expresses its frustration (see gas mask person at right side of photo) of being within the boundaries of Northern Ireland, which is still part of the United Kingdom (England).

Photo of Mary Lou McDonald, President of Sinn Fein political party, is pictured above, visiting Londonderry, one day after the riots and deathly shooting of a journalist. She attended a rally there (April 19, 2019) calling for a return to peace. American Socialist Brian Moore made efforts to discuss border problem with Ms. McDonald during his tour of northern Ireland border areas three weeks ago.

Tampa Bay Area, Florida, April 20, 2019: Speaker of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, and her congressional delegation, just missed an evening of rioting and shooting death of an Irish female journalist (Lyra McKee, age 29) in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Thursday evening, April 18th.

The Londonderry riots of this week, were due in part to the Northern Ireland (British) police force conducting searches of Catholic homes saying they had reports of gun and bomb storage in preparation for a April 23rd "Easter Rising" commemoration day in Londonderry.

Rioting escalated from stone throwing to gas bombs, and a lone gunman then opened fire with a pistol. The woman journalist killed was standing behind a police vehicle and appeared to be hit by a stray bullet coming at the police at the height of the rioting.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland said a 29-year-old journalist and author Lyra McKee was shot and killed, probably by a stray bullet, during rioting in the city’s Creggan neighbourhood. It said the dissident group, the New IRA, was most likely responsible. Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton said a gunman fired a number of shots at police during the unrest Thursday evening. “We believe this to be a terrorist act,” he said. “We believe it has been carried out by violent dissident [Irish] republicans.”

Two suspects, 18 and 19 year old, were arrested in the tragic shooting of the journalist. The New York Times quoted local university experts and journalists who suggested the violence may have been a response by a younger generation of non-ideological Irish citizens who feel they were not part of the "troubles" history of over 20 years ago; and are just becoming mischievous in order to claim some of their community's lost fame or attention.

Ironically, this occurred only hours after Ms. Pelosi left a ceremony in that city honoring the 20th anniversary of the "1998 Good Friday Peace Accord" between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (still part of the United Kingdom). Pelosi said, according to the New York Times, "it was vital to keep a seamless border" after Britain's withdrawal becomes effective from the European Union (due to the British Brexit vote in April, 2016).

The next morning, in the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland, Pelosi joined a group of legislators at the non-operating legislature since the Brexit vote, for a "moment of silence" due to McKee's tragic death.

Former Socialist Party USA Presidential candidate Brian Moore, who visited Ireland 3 weeks ago, e-mailed and called Sinn Fein's President MaryLou McDonald's Dublin offices (in the Republic of Ireland), prior to his trip from Florida to Ireland, and while there, in an effort to discuss the Irish border condition. Moore was only able to speak at length with local Sinn Fein officers in Northern Ireland three times.

Brian also called the Vice President of Sinn Fein, in Belfast, Michelle O'Neil, during his last two days of Moore's tour of the border areas, unsuccessfully, in an effort to visit with her. (see Moore's previous blogs and pictures of his presence at a typical border crossing, as well as his visit to Dublin's Government Post Office location where "The Irish Rising of 1916" occurred 103 years ago).

Brian's four grandparents were from three counties in Ireland (Cork and Kerry in the Irish Republic; and County Down in Northern Ireland) and they arrived in the United States in the early 1900's, consequently meeting and marrying in San Francisco, California, from where Brian comes from.

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