Pompeo, Bolton, Rubio---an evil triumvirate against Venezuela, are at fault for fermenting chaos and

Trump, Rubio, Pompeo y Bolton, part of the aggressive foursome against Venezuela. Edición: Edilberto Carmona, CubaDebateUS, January 25, 2019.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor John Bolton and Florida's US Senator Marco Rubio are responsible for the chaos and civil unrest now going on in Venezuela! And they are directly linked to calling today for a popular citizen uprising and a military coup in Venezuela---the 3rd coup attempt by the United States since 2002!

These three Trump Administration rogues are sending out tweets encouraging the people of Venezuela to take to the streets to support a rogue opposition leader, Juan Guaido, to overthrow the existing democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro. There is no legitimacy to Mr. Guaido other than being a local politician. Nor is there any legitimacy to Pompeo, Bolton and Rubio---three misfits in the Trump Administration who have an undue influence on President Trump's naivete'!

As a reminder, Mr. Secretary(sic), it is our country, the United States of America, that has attempted three military coups in Venezuela in 2002, 2007 and now in 2019, of a democratically elected government:

1) 2002: Failed coup by the USA against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

2) 2007: Failed coup by the American CIA against Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez

3) 2018 & 2019: Ongoing coup attempt by Trump Administration against President Nicolas Maduro

The United States continues to attempt to undermine all duly elected governments run by socialists, or countries affiliated with countries not to America's liking (Iran, Cuba, Russia, Chile, Turkey and China). This is especially true if the poorer classes in a country are rewarded by its socialist leaders, at the expense of the traditional elite and wealthy, as has occurred in Venezuela.

The bottom line for President Trump is oil, and money! The bottom line for the three triumvirate hooligans is their extreme conservative ideology and individual quests for political power. The United States continues to conduct illegal, immoral and unethical violent acts that cause suffering and death among the citizenry of other countries under the guise of democracy and/or freedom. If it is not by way of bombs and guns, it is via strangulation and starvation with food and medicine cutoffs from America's sanctions and embargoes!

America's financial sanctions imposed on Venezuela over the last decade have significantly contributed to the deterioration of the country's economy and physical well-being of its populace. The country's humanitarian crisis, and large migration, is directly related to our country's selfish, cold-hearted and deliberate effort to take control of Venezuela and its black gold, in the form of abundant oil!

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