President Trump's raising of tariffs on all exports and imports with foreign states opens up America to require new governmental protections of its national industries.

The standard result of increasing tariffs is to saddle the consumer with higher costs and workers with loss of jobs. Plus, the poorer populations, and lower income workers, always suffer the most from increased tariffs, when importing from and exporting to other nations.

The only way to protect consumers and to safeguard domestic industries from catastrophic economic consequences and human suffering is for the American government to alter its role in the country's economic system.

While President Trump promises, over time, more benefits for America and its citizens, it is a gamble on his part, and he is counting on China and other countries to blink first. While the country would have to wait out this Trump gambit, or "temporary hit," the country could lose over a million jobs, consumers could pay up to $1,000 more a year, and the economy could take a dive. Protections for all America is needed now!

One avenue to take would be that all citizens should be guaranteed to have more jobs, lower taxes and a better quality of life, amongst other rewards, The only way to assure those beneficial results is for the US Congress and the President to turn away from capitalism, toward the implementation of a new economic system, in the form of socialism

Yes, it would be a radical change. But what better opportunity to implement this systemic transition, that better protects all citizens and the country than what Capitalism does not do, not only during periods of large tariff increases, but all the time, and getting worse! .

Not only should government subsidies be guaranteed for the agriculture industry, as President Trump is promising now, but he should also have to assure governmental protections and subsidies for other major industries to be adversely affected as well.

The implementation of full government subsidies can only occur when the transfer of ownership from the private sector to workers and communities is achieved in the industries of healthcare, technology, construction, retail and non-durable manufacturing.

In addition, for the country's economic system to accomplish that change, private banks will have to be nationalized, state banks formed and the Federal Reserve eliminated.

Now is the time for strong leadership and serious thought be given to changing our economic system that will better benefit all Americans. The present capitalist system only offers limited protections, usually to the elite, who will be the only beneficiaries in the long run, if and when the tariff gambit succeeds.

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