Venezuela Humanitarian Crisis Caused by US Sanctions---Shame on us!

US imposing 2 years of economic sanctions and reducing oil purchases from Venezuela adds to crisis

Venezuela:  shortage of food, medical supplies & power

US sanctions on Venezuelan economy; plus, falling price of oil globally, cause Venezuelans to suffer from extensive shortage of food, medicines, electrical power---other societal necessities.

Brian's response to The Tampa Bay Times editorial,Fri., May 17, 2019: "Scott's reckless Venezuela rhetoric."

Greater Tampa Bay Metro Area: US Senator Rick Scott is not only wrong in his aggressive words against the Maduro regime in Venezuela, but the Trump Administration, US Congress and the establishment media is also in error for blaming the Venezuelan socialist government for its humanitarian crisis.

The imposition of increasing economic and diplomatic sanctions by the Trump Administration and its State Department, in the form of blocking financial transactions by banks and reducing the amount of petroleum we purchase from the country alone is contributing to their multiple problems.

America's actions have imposed more cuts in the country's imports of medicine, food, and medical equipment. Our fiscal constraints and sanctions on Venezuela are adversely affecting Venezuela's ability to maintain water, electrical power, and sanitation infrastructure.

We are hampering the Venezuelan government's ability to safeguard its own people, thus, contributing to Venezuelan peoples' increasing malnutrition, illnesses and deaths.

Shame on us!!!!!

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