Trump applauded for restraint to Iran's takeout of unmanned drone---but, can-cellation of 2015 I

President Trump's constrained response to the downing of an unmanned US Navy drone over Iran, at 65,000 feet, several days ago, should be applauded for his demonstrating restraint.

President Trump's moderate response, in light of the bellicose circumstances, and under pressure from his own hardline inner staff, is commendable and courageous.

However, the President also shares responsibility for the rising tensions by his canceling America's 2015 Nuclear Arms agreement with Iran and seven other major countries (UK, France, Germany, Russia, China and the EU) one year ago. Mr. Trump also bears responsibility by his imposition of harsh economic and political sanctions on Iran for several years; thus, creating the growing march to war.

Now that the US demands Iran adhere to the 2015 agreement on limiting nuclear materials production is impotent, null and void.

The issue of the US Congress having the authority to decide when our nation decides to go to war, is also being raised legitimately, in light of the rising tensions between Iran and America.

Despite all the concerns above, we should still recognize President Donald's Trump's courage in standing up to his administration's hardliners and to the military, in his role as Commander-in-Chief.

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