Are U.S. mass shootings due to domestic terrorism or mentally deranged people? And what is the unde

Authorities quickly conclude that suspects in mass killings are either racists or affiliated with countries at war with America.

While many of these shooters have conditions pointing to mental illness during their developing years; yet the press, public and police authorities tend to conclude otherwise.

In some cases, shooting up churches or schools are done by very young individuals who put racial or white supremacist symbols on their websites or in a picture, but are not emotionally mature enough to fully understand how their superficial associations are so wrong. Yet, authorities disregard these signs, and treat the damaged suspects as fully mature adults, and as evil or political extremists.

Many of the shooters have never committed crimes before, and have obtained their weapons legally.

The real question to ask is, what is the underlying cause of these individuals' violent actions?

Many young shooters have been loners, social outcasts, abused in their upbringing; or they have been mentally limited as bipolar, schizophrenic, autistic, products of ADD, or with post traumatic stress disorders.

One has to ask, what has caused these symptoms among so many in America, especially of those in their teens or early twenties?

Broken families, divorce, fatherless upbringings, poverty, unemployment, frequent relocations, absent parents, changing jobs---all lead to one's poorer quality of life and well-being, especially for those who are more introverted or neurotic.

The mentally ill have no sense of community, no attachment to their families, schools or communities, or even to humanity. Thus, they some times turn, to violence, without remorse, but with some vengeance and need for vindication.

What causes some or all of these above conditions is the economic system America operates under! The administration and goal of our present economic system is for monetary profits, motivated by greed. The system is conducted at the expense of workers well-being, which causes great social upheaval amongst the nation's workers and their families.

Capitalism creates these conditions among families, communities and even in all urban and rural areas of our country.

The mass shootings will continue until there is a radical transformation of America's economic system, from capitalism, to a more democratic economic system, like socialism, where the workers can participate in the decision making policies, set goals of the company or service and share in a more equitable way any of the profits to be made.

This will lead to a better quality of life for all workers, and subsequently their families and communities, thereby erasing a disruptive and damaging cause of a more selfish economic system.

Such a transformation will lead to a saner and less violent society in America.

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