Democrats fear of "Socialism" is same fake 'red-baiting' Republicans push!

Picture shows false image of socialism as fear tactic

Above cartoon shows false image of "socialism" feared by both major political parties. Below is an unpublished letter Brian wrote to the Tampa Bay Times in early January about Democrats acting like Republicans, and their fear of candidates with a socialist label!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

“Third Rail for Latino voters,” by Adriana Gomez Licon, AP Reporter,

Tampa Bay Times, January 2, 2020


Tampa Bay Times

The Venezuelan-born radio host in Miami, Julio Cesar Camacho, mistakenly uses the "socialist" label on Democratic Party political candidates in a negative way, such as he did on former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in a recent interview.

For Camacho and Gillum to claim that the socialism of Latin American countries consists of "authoritarian governments seizing banks and nationalizing industries," and “causing poverty and corruption,” have got it all wrong.

It is the exact opposite. The socialist countries of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, along with the formerly left-leaning military governments of Peru and Panama, and the former socialist country of Chile, were formed to counter the widespread poverty and corruption of the aforementioned capitalist run countries.

The original causes for leftist political changes were due to the countries’ profit-making motives, conducted in a greedy, self-serving and avarice manner, having catastrophic and destructive effects on their own poor and middle classes.

In response, some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean made radical changes to their political and economic systems, significantly benefitting the poor. Their actions brought more social equity and improvement in the quality of life of its lower and middle income citizens.

Granted, many civil liberties and citizens' rights have now been curtailed in these left-leaning or socialist countries, or returned to capitalist regimes. This is due in large part to the American government’s imposition of long-term embargoes, heavy economic sanctions and covert support of the opposition; even through CIA assassinations and false imprisonments in America.

For the Democrats to now flee from the socialist label, plays into the "politics of fear" and “McCarthyism” that they always accuse Republicans of.


Brian P. Moore

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