Pres. Trump/U.S. Congress embrace un-elected elitist over Venezuelan President--violating democracy

Democratically elected Nicolas Maduro and self-appointed elitist opponent Juan Guaido

“Trump Embraces Guaido’, Perhaps Giving Both Political Help,” New York Times, February 6, 2020, by Michael Crowley and Julie Turkewitz

Brian's unpublished letter (below) was sent to Editor of New York Times on the same day article appeared.


Both the Trump Administration and both political parties of the US Congress were in error at the state of the Union address Tuesday night for applauding and endorsing Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido', as the self-imposed legitimate president of his country.

Mr. Trump, who calls Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro a “socialist dictator,” blames the Venezuelan socialist government for the country's humanitarian crisis.

As President Trump did with Ukraine, once again he is demonstrating his selfish electoral interests for 2020 by pandering to the Latin American immigrant populations living in Florida. This large Latin group makes up the bulk of Venezuelans, Cuban-Americans and other Latin Americans who oppose Venezuelan President Nicolas’ Maduro, or have fled other left-wing governments in Latin America.

The imposition of increasing economic and diplomatic sanctions by the Trump Administration and its State Department, in the form of blocking and pressuring financial institutions and energy companies, have imposed more stringent cuts in the country's imports of medicine, food, and medical equipment.

It is the United States president, and both political parties of the US Congress, and not this “socialist dictator,” who are hampering the Venezuelan government's ability to safeguard its own people, thus, contributing to the country’s increasing malnutrition, illnesses and deaths.

Brian P. Moore

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