Repubs and Dems continue "red scare," claiming "Socialism is Communism." The wo

Above pictures show the future for socialism as positivie and growing among the young people of the world. The youth see a more democratic and fare society for more citizens of the world!

“Poll Finds voters don’t want socialist or old president,” March 4, 2019, Tampa Bay Times


If the poll included an opinion about capitalism, it would probably fare worse. (i.e. perennial wars, poverty, low wages and threats to all Americans’ liberty and economic well-being).

Socialism has been given a bum rap by the Republicans and conservatives since the 1930’s and on through the right-wing McCarthyism era of the early 1950’s. The Republicans have falsely attached the word Communism to socialism in order to strike fear into the hearts of all Americans.

And the Democrats are no better. They started the “Red Scare” in 1917, during WWI, when Democratic President Woodrow Wilson launched a campaign against radicals (i.e. socialists) and left-wing organizations. The Democratic majority in Congress legislated the Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1917 and 1918 making it illegal to write or speak anything critical of American involvement in the war.

And the Democrats are continuing this fear tactic by going after their own 2020 presidential candidates who promote liberal or progressive ideas!

The socialist presidential candidate, Eugene Debs, was imprisoned by President Wilson in 1920 for criticizing America’s involvement in WWI, which cost 20 million lives, and history has acknowledge that it was an unjust war brought on by the financial sector’s greed and avarice worldwide.

President Trump and the Republicans are continuing this “politics of fear” tactics of the past labeling liberal Democrats, again, falsely, as wild socialists! Now the Democrats are timidly joining this mob rule mindset.

Is it no wonder that a recent NBC/Wall Street poll rates “socialism” only at 25%, among all Americans, as a desirable trait in a presidential candidate!

Truth will ultimately win out, either by default, with the fall of capitalism; or by the leadership of a strong statesman, not affiliated with either major party, who will use ethics and honesty as the guide to a new economic system.

Brian P. Moore

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