Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders' "Revolutionary" Programs Still Limited Under a Ca

Despite Bernie's Revolutionary "Movement" His Social programs are limited under capitalist economic system!

Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders' proposed social programs, if implemented with a Sanders victory, will be under a capitalist economic system, thereby putting in danger the programs' ability to remain in place, if the economy takes a dive.

If the united States experiences a recession, significant inflation, or a depression, the financial sector, and conservative legislators, will put the blame on Senator Sander's "liberal or socialist" costly programs. And if such an economic condition does occur, it will provide justification for the financial power brokers and Republicans to reduce or eliminate many of Democrat Sanders' proposed social programs.

Even though Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is in the delegate lead, it is expected that he will continue his innuendo and slights toward his Democratic opponent, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, saying that the eventual nominee will "have to carry the label" of a democratic socialist, further contributing to the negative branding of Bernie Sanders.

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