Coronavirus: Socialism is better than Capitalism in protecting a nation’s health, and in stabilizing

Coronavirus: Socialism is better than Capitalism in protecting a nation’s health, and in stabilizing its' economy!

A capitalist economic system is dependent on optimism, continued growth, profit and a willingness to spend; and most importantly, it is dependent on certainty and stability of the economy.

If disruptions to global supply chains occur, or when growth slows down or stops; and if panic sets in, as with the present Coronavirus pandemic, then resulting fears cause havoc with the economy in the form of recessions or even depressions.

On the other hand, under a socialist economy, especially when global pandemics such as Coronavirus (COVID-19) occur, an economy would remain stable and productive; and the health of the nation could be addressed in a more efficient and timely manner.

Under socialism, central planning is better than being dependent on market forces and business fluctuations of capitalism. Plus, capitalism operates on a broken and disjointed private health system, neglecting half the nation in coverage.

America's current for-profit health system in the United States is dysfunctional, unorganized and dependent on over 1600 private insurance companies to provide health benefits. The vast majority of hospitals is independently run, or is part of major corporations. Millions of Americans have no health insurance at all. The poor are partially covered by some Medicaid programs in select states. Only Medicare and the VA system provide some parts of health care to the elderly and disabled populations.

Under a capitalist system, people will not go to the doctor if they cannot afford it. Thus, in an infectious health crisis like Coronavirus, this would mean that potential carriers of the virus might not be treated, even if they are showing symptoms.

Socialism is able to make full use of its available resources in a more systematic and orderly way.

An example of such economic productivity and stability, during a pandemic, can be seen if the country had a national, non-profit, health system, which socialist economies always provide. People who feel sick or may have some pandemic symptoms (i.e. Coronavirus) would actually go to a doctor's office without fear of costly bills. Even vaccines, testing, treatment, prescription drugs and quarantining, if necessary, would be provided and covered by a national health system.

Under a socialist economy, with a national health system, the country would also be better prepared for a pandemic, having an organized and coordinated system of government-owned and run hospitals, beds and ventilators. And all of its’ health clinics, physicians’ offices and hospitals would be fully staffed with government salaried doctors, nurses and allied health providers.

Strategic and policy decisions would be made by certified scientists and health care professional committees, in a self–governance manner, thereby effectively controlling a national epidemic response and communicating updates to the general public.

Furthermore, with a universal paid family leave benefit that socialism usually offers, people who are sick can stay home, recover and prevent the virus from spreading.

Finally, with socialism, there is less inequality of income and an absence of exploitation by private monopolies, further adding to a more stable economy and better protecting the health of all citizens of the nation.

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