"Why is Bernie Sanders Not a Socialist," will be asked of Socialist Brian Moore on blogtal


Neil Kiernan is the blogtalk host. He stated the following on his above website: "Brian Moore was the Socialist Party USA's candidate for President in 2008. I interviewed him back then and it sparked an unlikely friendship as I was at the time a right leaning Libertarian/Ron Paul Republican. I am happy to bring Brian back on V-RADIO to discuss what REAL Socialism is, and why Bernie's Democratic Socialism is not the socialism that most American's think of when they think of Socialism.

You can check out Brian's blog here: https://www.twopartytyranny.org/

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Brian writes in this post: I hope to address the issues of socialism vs. capitalism, the Democratic Party and what it stands for now, and the fear most older Americans still fear about socialism, as stoked by the Republicans and conservatives, and now, in some cases, by even the Democrats.

If you cannot listen to the 1-2 hour interview live, from 6 PM to 8 PM, today, Tuesday, March 24th, then check it out on Kiernan's blogtalk archives. I will try and post it on my blog---www.twopartytyranny.org.


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