"The ventilators were on order, they still are,"---private sector fails nation again!

Critically ill patient dependent on a ventilator

Brian responds editorially to above New York Times article of March 30, 2020:

Our country is now short of ventilators because the private, for-profit companies of Covidien and Medtronic felt no sense of obligation or responsibility to the smaller Newport Medical Instruments (NMI) Company, who they previously bought out. This was done despite NMI's agreed upon contract with the federal government.

A profit motive is the main goal for all businesses, so both of these multibillion-dollar makers of medical devices obviously feared government competition from the low-priced ventilator contract with NMI.

Government is dangerous to all private enterprise, because the public sector can compete more efficiently and less expensively.

For-profit companies, under American capitalism, while successively producing some fine products and services, has done so at the cost of human life, environmental damage and extreme disparities in workers’ income. Ultimately, it has caused widespread poverty and unjust wars.

Maximizing private sector profits can never be consistent with the federal government’s goal in preparing for a public health crisis or protecting the safety and welfare of all citizens in America.

That is why the federal government has to take over more manufacturing and national defense functions to assure the nation's survival.

America is long overdue for a systemic change.

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