3 Critical tweets of CNN and its firing of Chris Cuomo

December 5, 2021, by Brian P. Moore

Pix 11.com

Brian tweeted 3 critical responses of CNN and its firing of Chris Cuomo:

Tweet 1, Dec. 4, 2021: Chris Cuomo is a decent human being who has conducted his programs in an honest and fair way. Any “network” or “journalist” standards violated--- pale as to this man’s overall integrity and humility. What decent person would not try to help his own brother. CNN fears interest groups.

Tweet 2, Dec. 4, 2021: Even if CNN's ousted anchor Chris Cuomo violated its' so-called "journalist" standards, whatever happened to a sense of forgiveness and understanding, even it it flies in the face of the "sacred" me-too movement? Do they not have a soul? Where is our sense of humanity?

Tweet 3, Dec. 4, 2021: As a Smerconish fan I hope he refuses to replace CNN's ousted Chris Cuomo. If Smerconish wants to retain his independence and fairness image, he should not agree to this Saturday night assassination of a decent human being over CNN's questionable violations. Brotherly love is not an immoral act.

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