By Brian Moore

April 28, 2021, Florida

Brian responds to an Associated Press April 28th, 2021 article with a letter-to-the-editor of the Tampa Bay Times, on same day.

"Black man killed by N.C. deputies shot in back of head: pathologist" Elizabeth City, NC, by Ben Finley and Jonathan Drew, AP

Lone cop in Louieville, KY, being protected from protesters, USAToday.com

Police under attack, mountainsideeaagle.com


With the immediate posting on social media of cell phone videos by bystanders filming police killings and the immediate demands of body cams from most police officers involved in these incidents, the public is becoming less tolerant of due process and of fair investigative delays.

Traditionally, it has been white lynch mobs who have taken the law into their own hands with hysterical accusations causing innocent black Americans to die or not be given due process.

Now, with the universal availability of cellphone cameras, and civil lights leaders and black victims' families immediately demanding police body cams, releasing copies of death certificates and “independent” pathologists findings; thus, creating a lynch mob hysteria from the public and media causing immediate condemnation of police officers involved.

Have we not learned a lesson from the Derek Chauvin trial, where a policeman’s guilty verdict is based on a bystander’s immediate posting on social media of a partial video segment (uncontested for 10 1/2 months, before trial), on the Floyd family’s “independent” pathologist report, on the Minneapolis prosecutions misuse of the term “homicide,” and its' police and medical “experts” concluding cause of death from bad police procedures; which the Chauvin defense counsel challenged as official police policy and unproven scientific evidence.

Is there a rush to judgment on police now with prejudicial facts, incomplete videos and unfair actions by prosecutors and victims' families? Are they the new lynch mob in America?

Brian Moore

Spring Hill, Florida

[Greater Tampa Bay metro area]

State militia guard a jail and courthouse to prevent a lynching, Shreveport, Louisiana, 1906.

Photo by Michael Masian/Corbis/VCG via Getty images.

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