America needs a Marshall Plan for Cuba !

-Biden and Democrats wrong in their criticism of Cuba---they prolong the "Red scare" tactics of old.

Do as Truman did to "save nations from red rule," He

asked congress for millions of dollars in 1948!

Challenge Congress: Biden Acts to Save Cuba; Asks $100 Billion Aid.

Brian Moore's response to following article:

"Will Cuba policy change?” Tampa Bay Times, January 10, 2021, by Paul Guzzo.

To Editor:

The people quoted in this article, both critics and supporters alike, seemed to be more interested in America’s self-interest, than doing the right thing for the Cuban people.

By adding Cuba to the terrorist list, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has created a new and serious threat to America’s own national security, with his politicization of our own foreign policy for domestic voter gain.

Contrary to President Biden’s criticism, Cuba has had less human rights violations, fewer political prisoners and restrictions on small businesses. The private sector in Cuba has also increased significantly with the self-employed three times higher than several years ago.

During the Obama administration, Cuba exchanged prisoners and made other concession with the US. It loosened remittances and travel, encouraged more trade, financial services and opened up telecommunication for the Cuban people.

Granted, Cuba errs in limiting free speech and harassing dissidents; plus, it harbors four American fugitives. All this pales in light of America’s support and protection of a Cuban terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, who killed 73 Cubans by planting a bomb on a Cuban airliner.

President Biden needs to act quickly and forcefully, by circumventing U.S. sanctions and the Cuban embargo, with strong executive orders and a new Marshall plan for the island.

Brian Patrick Moore

Newspaper article above is from the New York Times

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