American Socialist interviewed on private NTV Russian Network; not on government-run RT!

Following is link to Russian NTV report this past week highlighting Socialist Brian Moore’s comments on the Trump-Biden campaign.

(Newscast is in first box (on left) picturing Trump-Biden debate.  Duration is 5 minutes and 59 seconds.  Brian’s part is from 1 minute, 14 seconds to 2:00 minutes). English synopsis at bottom of link.

Spring Hill, Florida (Tampa Bay Metro area), Monday. November 2, 2020:    

The Foreign Desk Producer of NTV Broadcasting Company in Moscow, Russia, Yuri Ryabokon, arranged for a videotape interview of former 2008 Socialist Party USA Presidential candidate Brian Moore, on Thursday, October 22nd, at the Hampton Inn in Spring Hill (Hernando County), Florida.

The interview covered the Trump-Biden campaign and recent debates. Moore was contacted by Ryabokon on his NatureCoast Coalition for Peace and Justice Facebook. The Socialist did not initiate this first-time contact.

Brian had initially decided not to put out a news release for concern about being stained on NTV Hunter Biden segment following Brian’s comments on other matters.

However, in light of Sunday’s Nov. 1st news that Dr. Scott Atlas, the White House Advisor on COVID-19, issued a public apology for being interviewed by RT TV of Russia, a registered foreign agent and propaganda wing of the Russian government, Brian reversed his decision on his own NTV interview that occurred the same week.

In fact, Brian originally was of the mind that NTV demonstrated an open and fair approach and that the American media should be informed that a perceived enemy (Russia) may not always be so calculating.  

Also, American journalist Glen Greenwald's recent resignation over the Hunter Biden issue, and his criticism of the “foreign interference” hysteria, gave pause to socialist Moore. This was Brian’s first time experience with a Russian TV network and the Russian culture.

NTV, The third most popular independently owned television station in Russia, which reaches over 102 million Russian-speaking peoples, hired an American videotape professional, Brett Wasserman, to interview Moore with a list of 9 NTV questions (14 total from multiple questions).  

According to the NTV producer Ryabokon, brief parts of Moore's 23-minute taped interview "were aired on Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 24 & 25th) reaching the countries of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian states.”   Moore was also presented as a brief Democratic presidential candidate in 2020 (qualifying in New Hampshire & Idaho) in the early months of the Democratic primary campaign.  

In the short segment shown on TV, Moore joked that "the Commission on Presidential Debates could have done the country a favor on the first debate if it had muted the microphones of both candidates.”   He also responded to a question that "it was fair for the presidential commission to change the rules of the second debate declaring it wouldn’t kill Trump’s charisma by muting the mikes."  Moore added sarcastically, “not to worry about Trump, he can manufacture attention no matter what debate rules are in place;” and that “The president is a showman, talks loud, likes to interrupt his opponent and if he does not like the questions, he will just change the topic."  Brian concluded his one minute taped commentary saying "Former Vice-President Biden has nothing to worry about since he is ahead in the polls."

The final four minutes of the video program highlighted a comedian taking apart a computer in reference to the Hunter Biden controversy.

After viewing the NTV tape several days later, Moore text'd NTV Producer Ryabokon expressing concern that his videotaped answer "that the Hunter Biden issue was de-bunked," was never shown, therefore giving the impression that he agreed.  

Producer Ryabokon responded with the following e-mail statement in slightly broken English:

"I think that you’ve might misunderstand the report. It’s written

in a serious and at the same time joking manner, and the author makes his

conclusion at the end where he says that “maybe the American politicians

just don’t see that the their politics keep shrinking down, if in 2016

everybody blamed Moscow, now it went on to Ukraine”.  There was no saying

that Hunter Baiden laptop is a big deal story in this report. Nor that it

will hit his father hard. However, it was the only breaking story from

Trump and Biden for recent weeks, so we had to bring it in. The fact that

American mainstream media doesn’t do so doesn’t put us in the wrong


Ryabokon did add in his response that Brian’s unused responses to NTV's questions could be used in upcoming broadcasts; but that they were not new news, just Brian’s opinions.

 Following are summaries of Brian’s unused responses to other questions that were part of the interview:  

1)  Moore discounted Biden’s son’s computer troubles as being de-bunked; 

2) he thought there is greater potential for violence from the pandemic than from the election results; 

3) he compared the hero-mania for Trump as similar to pre-WWII Germany [inferring to the adulation of Hitler.}

4) the two major parties cannot solve America’s problems, systemic change is needed

5) Brian voted for the Alliance Party candidates Rocky De La Fuente (Pres.) and Darcy Richardson (VP)

6) Trump and Biden need to acknowledge and empathize more with Americans’ sufferings and hardships

7)  The 600 plus wealth American billionaires have gained over $2 trillion during the pandemic while over 150 million Americans have suffered severe economic hardships

8)  Trump’s virus infection was not “fake news,” despite his chronic lying.  The doctors confirmed the infection.  Trump supporters believe the President can do no wrong.

WIKIPEDIA:  NTV  ( CyrillicНТВ ) is a Russian  free-to-air  television channel that was launched as a subsidiary of  Vladimir Gusinsky 's company  Media-Most  [ru] . [1] Since 14 April 2001  Gazprom Media  controls the network.  According to a CNN report,  NTV had achieved an audience of 102 million by 1999, covering about 70% of Russia's territory, and was available in other former Soviet republics.


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