Antiwar activist who opposed US Wars since Vietnam forecasts US growing quagmire in Ukraine!

by Brian Patrick Moore

Friday, March 25, 2022

The following letter from Brian was sent to Florida's 5th District U.S. Congressman Daniel Webster last September 1, 2021, foreshadowing America's continuing inability to get itself involved in inextricable foreign policy difficulties; this time in Ukraine.

The United States undermines countries who are not friendly to our Western values or economic interests. One of America's biggest crimes is the theft of U.S. tax dollars to fund private contractors who lobby congress to make war on countries the world over. Even our own state of Florida receives over $95 billion a year from the U.S. Government in making military weapons. The DOD alone spent over $30 billion in Florida in 2020.

Photo of Brian Patrick Moore,by Josh Pritchett in Brooksville, Fl., in 2020.

To: Congressman Daniel Webster, September 1, 2021:

Thank you for information on your efforts to assist Americans and SIV Afghans. I support such an effort and will follow up this note with my own news release put out as a concerned citizen one week ago.

I appreciated your recent newsletter's moderate tone, especially in comparison to my neighboring US Congressman Bilirakis' condemnatory and provocative newsletter of this week.

While I did not vote for either major party candidate in 2020 for president, I endorsed President Biden's evacuation of the Afghanistan War, despite the shortened evacuation time and tragic consequences. It is my continued hope and belief that Mr. Biden will make concerted efforts for those remaining who wish to leave.

I am an antiwar and civic activist who opposed both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars from before their inceptions in 2001 and 2002, when congress was considering giving executive power to President Bush to invade those Middle East countries (which is what Congress did!).

Your predecessor, Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite joined pro-war demonstrators multiple times demonstrating across the street from us at the Weeki Wachee Park intersection in Spring Hill. Plus, we visited Congressman Richard Nugent in his Brooksville office years later to continue our twenty-year effort in opposing what we considered illegal, immoral and unnecessary U.S. wars. We considered those wars as detrimental to those respective countries, our own U.S. troops and to America's own self-interest as well.

Even though we have been vindicated, but at the time, there was great public pressure and we were perceived with disdain and ridicule. Our antiwar colleagues were accused of being traitors for not supporting our country's troops. Even the Hernando County Sheriff's Department, under the leadership of then Sheriff Richard Nugent, conducted covert surveillance on our public demonstrations, videoing our cars, persons and even doing background checks on us. And we were physically attacked by passersby and white nationalists in vehicles and pickup trucks.

It is our hope that you and your colleagues in Congress will give greater merit to stopping our country's interference in other countries due to America's long history of selfish economic and political interests at the cost of human life and our country's own financial burdens.

My release follows in attached link to my blog:


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