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Ask The Politician Interview (YouTube)

Brian Moore being interviewed by Kevin Menne of "Ask the Politicians,"

Following is a link to a 42 minute interview of Fl. State Senate 11 candidate Brian Patrick Moore by host Kevin Menne of “”

The location of topics addressed are indicated at the approximate minutes on a list below the following YouTube link:


0:00 Introduction; candidate change from Governor to State Senate race; opponent endorsed by Gov.

2:23 Green Party difficulties.

5:54 top three priorities of campaign: housing, ecology and loss of affordability in Florida. Blames DeSantis and Republican legislature distracted by cultural issues while neglecting economy.

6:35 housing emergency: out-of-control rent increases, lack of mortgage loans, 1.7 vacant homes; proposes moratorium on rent increases/evictions; state intervention via Sawicki fund; plus partial state subsidization to aid landlords,

10:35 additional revenues from Seminole Tribe taxation, state surplus, Bit Coin tax, fining companies for ecological violations; surplus of pandemic state/federal funds; fight increasing cost of groceries, gas, inflation via US Congress, year-long state gas subsidy, emergency leg. session/state funds/new revs.

13:10 real estate/builders/developers’ adverse impact on ecology/people; "drain, pave, build, sell, rebuild;" dishonest builders, hucksters, misleads home buyers; selling Tommy Bahama, state at fault.

17:40 clean air and water, replacing septic tanks with sewage; restricting toxic fertilizers, chemicals creating algae in springs, rivers;

20:23 lower taxes of average citizens; increase taxes on wealthy/corporations not paying their fair share; penalize carbon polluters (10% of revenues)

21:47 gov.'t $, too much/too little? Prefer more but unrealistic w/ conservative legislature will compromise/be mediator between both major parties. 3rd party will be an asset.

23:20 education: loss of freedoms, critical of state leg. intervening in local governments, school boards; acting in authoritarian, fascist, totalitarian manner; educators not teaching CRT, not grooming/indoctrinating children; education in Fla. traditionally underfunded, rated 41st in nation; state laws intimidate teachers, librarians, professors—politics of fear!; promote free speech, books, libraries, different opinions; this is not America/not democracy; running against big government

29:53 healthcare—worked 25 years in health care field (HMO's); Medicare for all; still retain private health sector; supports Medicaid expansion —400,000 children denied; people dying from lack of affordable health care; putting political ideology over common sense; loss of empathy; Obamacare increased # of people receiving health/pre-existing conditions; prefers national health plan/people live longer, less morbidity, healthier lives.

35:00 immigration: Brian is a second generation Irish-American and is empathetic to the plights of immigrants who are leaving their countries for reasons of poverty, crime, war, gang violence, drug cartels, etc. Critical of Governor DeSantis’ deportation of Venezuelans from TX to MA; questions why Cuban migrants in Florida not treated same way---because they are sources of Repub. votes/financial support for Republicans in Fla; undemocratic, unfair, hypocritical of DeSantis/Ingoglia. Acknowledges immigration needs to be reformed; fault of US Congress. Only 1% have criminal backgrounds.

38:00 Cultural wars: Brian says he is a “compassionate conservative,” more Republican on some issues than his opponent and many Republicans; stands up for protecting our freedoms, local control, preserving history and culture; says Confederate flag not a symbol of hate or racism; must conserve history to learn; respect the past; not have to honor it.

41:00 Asks for Republican/Independent votes; no Democrat in race; willing to compromise; acknowledges he is taking risks with some positions, but not compromising his principles. Better representative, with positions across spectrum.

42:00 End. Host Kevin Menne


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