Bring Afghan interpreters to safety. Use U.S. money now to help 5.3 million Afghan refugees.

The United States spent an estimated two trillion dollars on the 20-year Afghanistan war. Now it is time to use America's money to aid the 5.3 million refugees in neighboring countries, as well as to fulfill our obligations to the Afghan interpreters and allies who assisted the American military (SIV's).

by Brian Patrick Moore

August 23, 2021 (updated, 3:46 PM)

Afghan interpreter helps American soldier speak with Afghan villagers. 2012.

Photo by John Moore (no relation to Brian), Associated Press

Afghan interpreter helps U.S. soldier speak with an Afghan policeman.

Photo by John Moore, Associated Press,

Picture of over 100,000 Afghanistan refugees in Turkey for over 10 to 15 years. Not related to Afghan interpreters and families seeking evacuation out of Afghanistan.

Photo by Al Jazeera, January, 2019.

Afghan's forgotten refugees, at least 5.3 million, legal and illegal, have lived in Pakistan, Turkey and Iran since the start of the U.S.-Afghan war in 2001. Many have been re-patriated to their homeland, only to return to Pakistan and other havens due to the ongoing war, unemployment, lack of medical and housing facilities, violence and more. With the American pullout many Afghans in Pakistan plan to remain there for a better quality life than returning to worse conditions in Afghanistan, if not a new civil war!

Photo by the Institute of Policy Studies, 2016.

Brian's commentary follows:

While opposing and publicly protesting the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars from the beginning up until now, I am pleased to see America now pulling out of Afghanistan.

However, I am now of the mind to have the U.S. military return for the sole purpose to remove all of those Afghanistan civilians (SIV's) who may be abandoned by our government.

While the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were unjust and unnecessary, it does not give the American government the right to use foreigners in its military campaigns as cattle fodder. We now have an obligation to protect them and to bring them all to America and relocate them as legal immigrants in our communities.

It is estimated that America's war in Afghanistan displaced over 5.3 million Afghans, cost U.S. taxpayers at least $2.26 trillion dollars, resulting in 241,000 deaths. America now needs to spend its new monies on the plight of Afghan refugees who have become economic burdens to the neighboring countries of Pakistan,Turkey and Iran. This has to be our legacy now. The plight of the millions of Afghan refugees is one of poverty, dislocation and suffering.

And we also need to open our southern borders to all of the people who are legitimately fleeing Latin American and Caribbean countries due to civil unrest, wars, gang and sexual violence, hunger and poverty.

If America could give carte blanche and exclusive privileges to the Cuban exiles exclusively, for the last 60 years, then we can do the same, and for a better cause than responding to "the red scare" ideology. We have plenty of room, and much need, to share America's wealth and natural resources. Plus, we need to demonstrate America's sense of empathy and tolerance as a nation, and that we fulfill all our humanitarian obligations as well.

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