Bringing the nation together, by not calling American Confederates "Traitors."

by Brian P. Moore




Civil War veterans at the Gettysburg National Military Park

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Brian's Letter-to-Editor, Tampa Bay Times:

Ms. Susan Burnore's letter, published by the Tampa Bay Times in response to its previous editorial "Quit Commemorating Confederate traitors" May 9, 2021, strayed from whether seceding from the union is legal. Her letter jumps to a separate issue, the cause of the Civil War.

Ms. Burnore quoted the Confederate Vice President "that the negro is not equal to the white man" which she says caused the war. She forgets to mention that in 1858 President Lincoln expressed opposition to racial equality and asserted the superiority of white people. And this was the previous posture of the country's founding fathers as well.

President Lincoln went to war to preserve the union by stopping secession, which was legal under the constitution. He also said if he had to support slavery, or free some slaves while leaving others alone, he would do so, just to help save the nation.

The editorial board erred in name-calling and belittling American Confederates as treasonous. The Times owes the public a profound apology for continuing to divide the country, and for not taking a more responsible and noble effort to bring us together.

Brian Moore


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