Chauvin trial: sacrificial lamb for white guilt; scapegoat for civil rights community's hypocricy!

by Brian Patrick Moore,

Brian's letter-to-the-editor of USA Today newspaper. Sent June 26, 2021.


How will USA Today walk back reporter Tami Abdollah’s words “..the ex-cop [Derek Chauvin] who murdered him [George Floyd]” (June 23, 2021, USA Today, “Derek Chauvin faces up to 30 years…” if defense lawyer Eric Nelson is successful in having the appellate courts declare a mistrial regarding the conviction of officer Chauvin in the death of George Floyd?

And what will USA Today say if a new trial is scheduled outside of Minneapolis, geographically distant from where the event occurred? And if a new trial ends in an acquittal, will USA Today apologize for its part, along with the national press and highly polarized and biased media, in acting as a lynch mob before the process of justice in America was applied evenly and completed fairly? Are not all people accused of a crime in America considered “Innocent until proven guilty?”

And if no mistrial is declared, will USA Today raise the question again of whether officer Chauvin was given a fair trial? Will the newspaper admit that a partial nine-minute bystander video, which was posted on social media and repeated thousand if not millions of times, for ten long months before any trial was conducted, and before any opposing side was presented, may have prejudiced the people of Minneapolis, the entire state, if not all the nation? Would USA Today concede that just maybe there was a strong bias against the police and Mr. Chauvin because of the series of earlier police and racial shootings resulting in nationwide protests?

And what about the 400 witnesses the prosecution had lined up, and the 38 who eventually testified, as opposed to the defense’s handful of five or six witnesses? Did the unlimited monetary strength of the state and county governments put defendant Chauvin at a disadvantage? Was it an even playing field to determine justice with such an imbalance of witnesses?

Did the City of Minneapolis’ $27 million settlement with the Floyd family two days before the start of the trial have an unfair bearing? Did the immediate firing of the four officers, including Mr. Chauvin, prejudice the trial? Were the officers given any opportunity to defend or appeal such an unjust action by the city, and did this action also create a bias of guilt? Did Judge Cahill’s refusal to sequester the jury expose them to pubic pressure and bias? Did Mr. Floyd’s friend’s refusal to testify about his presence in the car with Floyd that day providing him with drugs deny a key witness for the defense? And what about President Biden’s invitation to the Floyd family’s visit to the White House months before the trial, and his and Congresswoman Water’s prejudicial comments during the final days of the trial? Fair?

Did the judge’s refusal to move the venue to another jurisdiction further away from the location of Mr. Floyd’s death prejudice the trial outcome?

Rick Rouan’s article in USA Today April 21, 2021, questioning the fairness of the trial, was a weak effort by what appeared to be an intimidated reporter. The legal “experts” from several universities that Rouan quoted, admitted there is "no established criteria" to measure the fairness of a trial. And for high-profile cases, which this was one of the highest in our country’s history, made it even less a constitutional guarantee for fairness and the application of equal justice. Reporter Rouan also presented the arguments of an “unfair trial” as coming from pro-Trumpers or even implying those type of opinions only were being made by white supremacists.

Judge Cahill’s denial of Derek Chauvin’s request for a new trial, as reported by N’dea Yancey-Bragg of USA Today, June 25, 2021, and [expected] harsh sentencing, is truly a grave miscarriage of justice. Apparently Judge Cahill saw no concern today upon hearing a juror’s post trial comment that the Jury had a brief 28-minute discussion before casting a unanimous vote to declare Chauvin’s guilt on all charges. This was after Judge Cahill, at the end of the trial, had repeatedly instructed the jury to review all of the videos, photos and their notes slowly and meticulously before reaching a verdict. What does that say about the jury?

There were no profiles in courage in or outside of the courtroom, other than from Defense lawyer Eric Nelson. Derek Chauvin has become the sacrificial lamb for America’s white guilt, and, ironically, Mr. Chauvin is the scapegoat for the Civil Rights community’s lynch mob tactics and hypocritical behavior.


PS For what it is worth, I am a socialist, and was the 2008 Socialist Party USA official candidate for president. Over a year ago I publicly called for Trump’s impeachment and also made a separate public effort for Trump’s removal from office based on his mental and emotional instability. And since 2009 to this very day, I have been advocating for the reinvestigation of a helicopter-caused drowning death in a lake of a black fugitive by our local sheriff’s department.

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