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Sunday, June 5, 2022. Click link below, then go to approximate minute area for your topic of interest.

by Editor Marcel Poul.

Interview conducted on May 28, 2022.

Topics by minutes:

3-4: Right to free speech. Opposed to censorship.

4-7: Right to bear arms: Yes, but opposes assault guns and "open carry” as well. Believes U.S. Constitution does allow for restrictions on gun access, type and age.

7-9: Opposes big government; supports local control and local decision-making that strengthens democracy. Opposes state and federal government imposing its will on people. Brian sites Governor DeSantis’ heavy-handed threatening people, teachers, businesses, and students who did not comply with his orders/mandates. However, sees role for Government when public safety is threatened.

9-12: Does not agree that 10th amendment requires strict border enforcement. Brian favors open borders and says America is land of immigrants that enhances the country’s culture, creativity and employment needs.

Brian favors streamlining the vetting process, making it more efficient and less burdensome for immigrants.

13-15: Where is best health care in world? Brian believes Nordic countries have best health system in world. Brian will establish a state-run health plan for all; and expand Medicaid. His new taxes on the wealthy and corporations will pay for these expanded health services to enable citizens to not have to choose between food, rent and gas over necessary medicines and medical services.

15-17: Brian agrees that global warming is an increasing threat to the world. Says we need to prepare entire state of Florida for catastrophic conditions. He also supports our country’s use of financial penalties and sanction on non-compliant countries.

18-19: Brian does not agree with defunding the police, but wants more citizen review boards and transferring of more police functions to citizen services.

20-26: Abortion: Brian believes it is the woman’s right alone to control her own body and that men and government should stay out of the decision-making process. He does not agree that abortion is murder.

Brian went further to criticize the anti-abortion groups/individuals concern for life just in the gestation period. He says they have demonstrated little if any regard for peoples' lives affected by poverty, homelessness, wars or even adopting children upon a state's forced birth. Moore says pro-lifers are hypocritical in all other life areas!

26-28: Brian agrees that racism and jail time are related in adversely affecting minorities who are incarcerated for minimal offenses and given longer jailing time. Brian defended repealing victimless crimes, eliminating minimum sentences and is opposed to private for-profit prisons.

29-31: Government role during Pandemic: Moore agreed on the release of prisoners during the pandemic, but criticized Governor DeSantis for abusing his position in threatening people, professionals and businesses who did not comply with his directives, mandates and questionable state laws. Brian said the state should stay out of local situations and leave it up to local boards and authorities to set policies.

32: Covid Preparation by government: Brian said the federal government was not prepared nor did it have the necessary medical equipment or supplies to initially deal with the pandemic. However, he once again reiterated that there is a vital role for government to play when the safety and welfare of its Citizens are under a massive threat to their health and well-being.

33-36: Florida Education system and sex education: Brian was critical of the state legislature’s poor history of not supporting public education of its schools/teachers causing the state to be rated 49th in the nation. He also opposes charter schools that are fronts to make money with questionable credentials and poor outcomes. Brian supports the role of schools in providing responsible sex education on all levels. While middle and high schools should be the more pronounced areas for sex education, he still sees a role for elementary school teachers to address unusual and rare sex issues when raised. He says there are very few areas impacting elementary students, and is confident teachers know how to handle the situations delicately and responsibly. He blames Governor DeSantis for frightening parents for political benefit. Moore spoke his strongest in the interview when he compared Gov. DeSantis’ actions as draconian and authoritarian by having schools remove books and threaten teachers who talk about LBGTQ issues.


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