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Citrus Chronicle's Interview of Brian Moore on YouTube

October 13, 2022, Newspaper's releases interview of Brian by Rob Burns, and posted on YouTube:

Crystal River, Citrus County, Florida:

Prior to a 45 minute interview on October 11th by the Citrus Chronicle newspaper’s 9-member consumer and staff Board, for endorsement consideration to be released next week, candidate Brian Patrick Moore was video-tapped for 4:59 minutes by the newspaper which they posted on YouTube the following day, October 12th.

During the interview Moore indicated for the first time, that as a former critic of the Nuclear Power Crystal River plant, he has changed his mind and now supports the idea of re-activating the plant, if feasible, to nuclear power status.

Moore said he bases his new posture "on the realization that the transition from fossil fuel to clear power sources, will not be achieved in time for expected power demands in the near future.”

The candidate also addressed the main needs of Floridians with regard to costs of living in food, gas, housing, medicines and health care. He also indicated the need for the state to address its property insurance problems,

And advocated the importance of keeping Florida “magical” by protecting and improving its pristine water conditions in its springs, lakes, rivers and coastal areas.

Moore also said, in light of the recent Hurricane Ian destruction and damage to the southwest region of the state, that future construction of buildings and homes should change locations. Moore urged that new constriction be removed from mangrove barriers, wetlands, islands and reefs to further inland areas. He said this would safeguard the property and lives of the residents, and also better protect the ecology of the coasts and wetlands and the natural coastal barriers.

Finally, Moore acknowledged that Florida is a conservative state, and that its' legislature is even more conservative than its citizenry. The Green Party candidate said in the interview that he would be willing to compromise, and as a long-time critic of the two-party system, he could be perceived as a peace-maker between the two polarized major parties.


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