Civil rights lawyers in N.C. echo "rush to judgment" as in Chauvin trial---part 2, news release

By Brian P. Moore

May 4, 2021 (updated)

Family lawyers show their own independent autopsy results prior to government Medical Examiner's official report.

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Family attorney Ben Crump, with colleagues, speaks at Andrew Brown, Jr funeral in North Carolina

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B. Moore sent out the following news release, with an attached letter, on May 3, 2021, from West Central Florida


NPR/ 1A Program host is criticized for program's emphasis on “swift justice” by agreeing with premature release of police body-cams and influenced by misleading and provocative public comments by family lawyers. This writer agrees with a N.C. judge’s action to not release body-cams as harming the state investigation, threatening the safety of all involved and is a serious threat to the administration of justice.

These were protections not provided for Minneapolis police officers in the Floyd-Chauvin case.

The letter writer, Brian Moore, is a civic activist, who challenges the validity of the Chauvin conviction. He compares tactics of civil rights leaders in both cases as the "new lynch mob in America." He admitted to being a long-time traditional critic of police in antiwar demonstrations, but now sees a grave injustice of making police as America’s sacrificial lamb and as the new scapegoats for gaining racial justice in the nation.


NPR 1A host, Jenn White, was criticized by a radio listener in a letter to her for the April 30th program’s emphasis on "rushing to judgment” on the police shooting and death of a black North Carolina citizen, Andrew Brown, Jr.

One of Ms. White’s two invited guest on the program, Washington Post reporter Toluse Olorunnipa, set the tone on the topic of a series of police killings of black individuals in America, by calling for “swift justice” in holding the seven Pasquotank County policemen accountable for the shooting death of Mr. Brown. The discussion centered on the panel's disappointment that two days prior to the Friday radio program a North Carolina Judge, Jeffery Foster, had refused to release body-cam footage from the police officers involved in the death of Andrew Brown. Judge Foster said, “The release at this time would create a serious threat to the fair, impartial and orderly administration of justice.”

The writer of the attached (too long to read) letter, West Central Florida civic activist Brian Moore, compared the highly prejudicial comments and actions of the civil rights lawyers, hired by the Brown family, as purposely provocative of the black community, releasing misleading information prejudicial to the public and, thus, undercutting any chance of a fair and impartial trial.

Moore wrote what made Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin "the most hated man in America," was that civil rights leaders, the press, media and general public immediately drew its own partial conclusions, viewing a misleading video segment for ten long months prior to the actual trial.

Plus, the activist added that several national politicians' public comments, a large concurrent financial settlement by the Minneapolis City government with the Floyd family, the holding of the trial in the same location of Mr. Floyd’s death, another black death at the hands of police only 10 miles from the courthouse, and additional prejudicial factors, all contributed to Mr. Chauvin's conviction. Moore labeled the trial as "a miscarriage of justice."

Moore hopes the appellate courts will acknowledge such prejudicial factors and "declare a mistrial."

The community activist has already written his State Senator, Wilton Simpson, of Florida, and U.S. Congressional Representative, Daniel Webster, urging passage of new legislation to block the release of all electronic audio and video materials (including on social media) involving police-victim deaths or actions potentially involving a subsequent formal trial.

Moore emphasized that if we are to continue as a Democratic Republic then all peoples' rights have to be protected and guaranteed.


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